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Interview with Lucien Carbin

Lucien Carbin is the manager and trainer for World Champion Muay Thai fighter, Illonka "Killer Queen" Elmont.

Mr Carbin was interviewed for womenkickboxing.com by 
our Netherlands correspondent.

Illonka Elmont, and Lucien Carbin,
Illonka's trainer


 1. What would you advise any young women wanting to enter the sport?

 I would  encourage it. I think itís a good way to learn respect & discipline and get focused


 How does an amateur know she is ready to turn "pro"

 It is  up to the manager / coach. Heís the one to know when sheís ready.


  How should  she go about looking for a competent  trainer, and a manager?

 Check the reputation of the gymís (Manager mostly is her coach over here)


 How does she know if she is getting competent training and management?

Unfortunately she doesnít. But she will find out soon if she gets to fight.


  How should young girls prepare themselves  physically to begin serious training?

By listening to their trainer/coach. Heís the one who knows her and knows what she is capable off.


  what types of exercises, or drills, etc..do you recommend?

  I recommend only what is directly related to a fight. In other words,  no workouts with weights, running and that kind of things. Concrete fight related stuff only.


 What is a the going rate for women's Muay Thai of  kick boxers as far as purse, and travel lodging arrangements when they travel.

Depends on the fight & mostly the event itself. Varies much.


  How many days early should a fighter arrive on another continent to avoid jet lag bad enough to impair their ability to fight?

At least 1 but mostly 2 weeks intercontinental. (Depends on climate, time difference etc.)


 How many days of lodging does the average promoter pay for in in such cases?

Normally 3 days. (Negotiable of course)


 Which countries, in your personal experience, were particularly friendly and hospitable to visiting foreign fighters?

Japan, Russia & Thailand in my experience.


 Which foreign countries  are the most enjoyable to fight in?



  Which have been  the least enjoyable, or problematic?

France by far- followed by Great Britain.

 Is hometown bias of the judges a universal problem in all foreign countries ? ...or just some?

Unfortunately yes, but in my  own experience mostly in Great Britain and France. The Problem is mainly jury & bonds. There not often independent.


 Why do the Thai women seem to get ko'd so often by foreigners?

Mostly because of weight differences. Thai coaches easily agree to fight (abroad) in a very different weight class.

I have seen many women's fights in Thailand where the ring was set  up in a bar...were the Thai opponents for the foreign fighters  recruited from bars? Are many of these women simply untrained individuals offering to fight trained foreigners simply to make a little money? Any comments?

  In my  (and Ilonkaís) experience the  Thai women are good fighters and they are serious fighters. That is the Wrong image, because of the fights (and losses) in different weight classes. (Ilonka just did a training in Thailand and met some pretty good female fighters there).


  Who are some of the best pound for pound, women Muay Thai fighters in his opinion?

I really don't have enough  knowledge on women MT fighters in general to give a fair answer. I only  follow and focus on Ilonkaís weight class and sometimes study a particular fighter if there is a fight for Ilonka. (She did a couple of fights above her normal weight class)

I However, if I  had to answer, I would  say. Lisa Houghton- Smith and Mrs. Lowe (I forget her first name). 

Note: He didnít know Laura Skinner (except by name), but was very interested when I mentioned her.

  What do you think about sanctioning bodies who obviously are not paying attention, and obviously lack knowledge.. The ones who  are ranking women who have long since retired from Kickboxing and Muay Thai? Would you be in favor of a sanctioning body strictly for women, that keeps abreast of the sport?

 I am Very much for it. Like you,  I  thinks itís a disgrace to the sport.

  Would you  agree that such practices by certain  organizations reflect  a lack of interest and knowledge  regarding women fighters?

Very much so.


 If so, would he agree or not agree that a separate sanctioning body for women  is a good idea?

 Very good idea.


  What do you   think about three minute rounds for women as well as men?

 I Think that kind of discrimination between women and men is ridiculous! At my gym, Ilonka doesnít do any less than any of male fighters in this regard.


  Do you think women are physically capable  fighting three minute rounds?

Yes. In my  experience they are, and  this discrimination between sexes is only in Europe. They donít make this difference in Thailand as far as I  know.

(And I pointed out also in the US, Canada, and Australia.)

  Then, do you think that doing the same five three minute rounds as the men, would increase respect for Women Thai boxers?

Yes it would certainly help. I  would prefer the same rules for men & women.

    What do you think about getting rid of those standing 8 counts?

  I think the standing 8 count is a good rule.  So, I would   not want  to get rid of it.

  Do you happen to know what are the usual sanctioning fees (amount) for a women's title fight in Muay Thai or Kickboxing?

Itís very much depending on the event- and itís very much negotiable. I cannot  give a fair answer. It varies a lot.

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