Chantal Nadon                                   

DOB: February 25th 1971                                                                                                
Ht: 5' 4"
Wt: 110-115 lbs

Record 14 wins 3 losses , 1 draw. 2 kos

Some notable opponents that Chantal has fought:

World Muay Thai Champion,  Mary Hart (England)

Jenna "Bambi"  Bertoncello  (USA)

Shirley Prescott  (Canada)

World Muay Thai Champion,  Lisa Howarth (England)

Chantel has defeated Mary Hart twice
under full contact rules by unanimous decisions.

She has defeated Bambi Bertoncello twice. The first time                                                                    
In Canada by decision under full contact rules.

The second time she defeated Bertoncello, was in
California for the North American Bantam weight Title,                                chantalfloor copy.jpg (23756 bytes)
 under Oriental rules which is Bambi's preferred style.
In this much anticipated rematch, she knocked out
Bertoncello in the second round with a perfectly timed
spinning backfist. (See great ko's.)

She also has twice defeated fellow Canadian Shirley Prescott, of the Sik Thai club in Winnipeg.


Here is Chantal's career record:

14-3-1 (2kos)

Fight record:
*Toronto, Sept. 1994 - Sue Chase (Ohio) 3 rds = Draw
*Toronto, March 1995 - Elvina Boyce (Detroit) 3 rds = won, 3rd round KO
*Toronto, July 1995 - Mary Kalkavich (New York) 3 rds = won (unanimous)
*Toronto, March 1996 - Sue Chase (Ohio) 4 rds = won (unanimous)
*Detroit, Aug. 1996 - Sue Chase (Ohio) 5 rds = won (unanimous)
*Toronto, Oct. 1996 - Susan Riccio-Major (Massachusetts) 5 rds = won (unanimous)
*Atlantic City, June 7 1997 - Intercontinental kick-boxing title against Lisa Howarth (England) 5 rds = Loss (decision)
*Toronto, June 19 1997 - Lisa Howarth (England) 6 rds = Loss (decision)
*Toronto, Sept. 1997 -  FFKA Canadian Feather weight title against Shirley Prescott (Winnipeg, Canada) 6 rds = won (unanimous)
*Toronto Feb. 1998 - FFKA Canadian title defence against Shirley Prescott (Winnipeg, Canada) 7 rds = won (split)
*Toronto, July 1998 - Michele Johnson (Massachusetts) 7 rds = win (split)
*Toronto, Sept. 1998 - FFKA World Feather weight title against Bambi (Jena) Bertencello (Washington) 10 rds = won (unanimous)
* San Hose, California Oct. 1998 - ISKA North American Free Style super Bantam weight title against Bambi (Jena) Bertencello (Washington) 8 rds = won, 2nd round KO
*Toronto, March 1999 - IKF North American Feather weight title against Lorraina Undershoot (British Colunbia, Canada)      8 rds = Loss (decision)
*Toronto, Dec. 1999 - Shirley Prescott (Winnipeg, Canada) 5 rds = won (unanimous)
*Toronto, Sept. 2000 - ISKA World Super Fly weight title against Agata Garcia-Sanchez (Spain) 10 rds = won (unanimous)
*North Bay, Ontario, May 2001 - ISKA World Fly weight title against Mary Hart (England) 10 rds = won (unanimous)
*Toronto, Aug. 2001 - ISKA World Fly weight title against Mary Hart (England) 10 rds = won (unanimous)

 Chantal began studying martial arts in 1986 at the Elite Twin Dragon Martial Arts Centre located in her home town. She graduated from Algonquin Secondary School and went on to obtain a diploma in Recreation Management and Leisure Studies from Canadore College.

Chantal began competing in boxing and won a gold medal at the 1994 Ontario Amateur Boxing Championships in Niagara Falls. In September of 1994, Chantal fought Sue Chase of Ohio to a draw in her first professional Kick-Boxing bout put on by Michael and Martin McNamara of the Twin Dragon Kung Fu & Kick-Boxing Club. Her next fight was featured on Viewer's Choice Pay-Per-View where she won by TKO against Elvina Boyce of Detroit.

Chantal went on to win more and more fights, gaining respect and recognition by other competitors and the media as she was named the "North Bay Assassin". She won a unanimous decision over Shirley Prescott of Winnipeg for the FFKA Canadian Featherweight Kick-Boxing title in September 1997. In September of 1998, Chantal defeated the U.S. Champion, Jenna Bertoncello of Seattle, Washington. The unanimous decision win gave Chantal the FFKA World Kick-Boxing title.

On October 10, 1998 Chantal won the ISKA North American leg kick title in San Jose, CA, knocking out her opponent in the second round. This fight was aired on ESPN television. (see great ko's)

Chantal has since relocated to Toronto and trains at the Twin Dragon at Yonge & Steeles under  Micheal McNamara. She has recently won 2 more World title belts. The first on Sept. 10th 2000 in Toronto against Agata Garcia Sanchez of Spain to win the World ISKA Super flyweight title in a 10 round unanimous decision. She went on to win the World ISKA Flyweight title on May 6th 2001 in North Bay, Ontario defeating Mary Hart of England in another 10 round unanimous decision. The re-match between these two ladies took place on Aug. 16, 2001.  Chantal won another unanimous decision and successfully defended her World flyweight title.  

During the day Chantal teaches Kick- Boxing to Children at the newest Twin Dragon location in Aurora (Heart Beats).  She also teaches private lessons to women at the Yonge and Steeles Twin Dragon Club.

Learn from the best and enroll your child or book private lessons from Chantal @ (416)229-1280.

Chantal is the FFKA Canadian & World Kick Boxing Champion as well as the ISKA North American Freestyle & ISKA 2 time World Champion.

Chantal will be battling more 1st class fighters from around the world in 2002!  Check out Twin Dragon Kick-Boxing on TSN to see this lady in action, or catch it live at their next event!!!


Some of the titles that Chantal currently holds:

Current titles: ISKA World super flyweight Champion,
 and ISKA World flyweight Champion (above the waist - Kick-Boxing)

 Preferred style:Kick-Boxing (above the waist)


Contact: Phone: (416) 229-1280 Fax: (416) 229-2425 Email: Mail: Twin Dragon 6347 Yonge Street North York, Ontario, Canada M2M 3X7

Visit Chantal's  web site at 

Chantal Nadon



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