Maria Curriki

  Marķa Jesus Curriki Albśjar Perez

20 fights
16 wins
6 KOs
3 losses
1 draw
Wt: 52 kg

WIKBA European Champion

Silver  Medal - WMC - IFMA  Bangkok 2004
Spanish Champion
Fight in Italy world Title WMC vs Kaliopi Geitsidou
Fight in Amsterdam vs Illonka Ellmont
Fight in Superligue WFCA Gala vs Linda Oms
FIght in WFCA Gala vs Romero
Fight in Barcelona vs Merlos
Fight in Bangkok World Title WMC vs Doprasuk (Pranee Kaengmark)
Fight in Bangkok vs Silvia Valicell Italy
Fight in Bangkok vs Maria Amradou(Greece)
Fight in Germany vs Mappela Lettonen

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World in Thailand (2004-2005) silver medal (Bangkok).

 Notable Opponents:

Mapella-Finnish nationality-compete in Germany-won
Silvia Valicelli-Italian nationality-compete in Thailand-won
Doprasuk-Thai nationality-compete in Thailand (world championship professional)-loss
Linda Omss-Dutch nationality-compete in Spain-draw.
Illonka Elmont-Dutch nationality-result-controversial loss
Maria Amradou-nationality-Greek compete in Thailand-loss.
Cristina Topostate-Romanian nationality-compete in Spain-win by KO.
Michelle Grizzle-British nationality-compete in Manchester (European Championship)-wine by KO.


Last update: August 14, 2008