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Note: More recent fights are towards the bottom;
but, they are not in perfect order by date.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we do always receive the fights 
from photographers
in their exact order by date 

Please note pictures are only brief snaphots and may not accurately reflect all that happened during a particular fight.

Naoko Kumagai vs Regina Halmich
Laura Skinner vs Julie Livett
Laura Skinner vs Karen Williams

Kate Meehan vs Kimberly Tomes
Melanie Kohler vs Sharidy Isaacs

Brenda Lopez vs Rachel Duangsima
Erin Linley vs Ria Ramnarine
Sachiyo Shibata vs Laura Skinner
Laura Skinner vs Karen Williams-rematch
Christine Toledo vs Brenda Lopez
Tasha Marzolla vs Thricia Poovey
Lisa King vs Jill Izzo
Brenda Lopez vs Rachel Duangsima
Amy Dutton vs Justine Keen
Hisae Watanabe vs Sabrina Lai
Shari Ranger vs Shahan Beaver
Sachiyo Shibata vs Ilonka Elmont
WKA: USA VS CANADA-tournament
Jaimie Ricketts vs Anita  Mahadeo
Frances Pettitt vs Melanie Kohler
Nicole Hess vs Lynda Loyce
Germaine de Randamie vs Denise Ris
Alisanne Casey vs Emily Bearden
Laura Glover vs Wendy Miranda
Lynda Loyce vs Rebecca Donnelley
Christina Martin vs Polly Harris
Rima Sidhu vs Misty Sutherland
Ardra Hernandez vs Yushimi Ohama
Soumia vs Claudia Fontebasso
Lisa King vs Ariana Ramirez
Germaine de Randamie vs Angela Parr
Canada vs Korea
Sonja Mirabelli vs Kate Mintiens
Jorina Baars vs Hatici Ozyurt
Kalotina "Skilas" Flaounas vs Kate Mintiens
Rachel Jones vs Yhok Karw: Bare knuckle
Denise Mellor vs Emma Armour
Jennypher Lanthier vs Mercedes Medina
Miriam Nakamoto vs Amy Hsaio
Keri Taylor vs Melissa Mason
Misty Sutherland vs Rita Rocha
Jorina Baars vs Marloes Merza
Girl Fight Tournament II-Italy
Apocalypse-Calgary Canada
Sonja Mirabelli  vs Loly Munoz 
Soumia vs Mary Hart
Rebecca Donnelley vs Krista Fleming
Sandra Bastian vs Junko Koyanagi
Maria Verheijden vs  Chajmaa Bellakhal 
Keri Taylor vs Jen Nguyen
Lucia Rijker vs Somchai Jaidee
Julie Kitchen vs Loly Munoz
Jorina Baars vs Loly Munoz
Krista Fleming vs Chajmaa Bellakhal
Patti Teran vs Denise Mellor
Eva Naranjo vs Linda Ooms-#1
Linda Ooms vs Canaan Yoromulz
Miriam Nakamoto vs Amy Hsiao

Keri Taylor vs Melissa Mason
Misty Sutherland vs Rita Rocha
Jorina Baars vs Marloes Merza
Suki Goldman vs Traci Foote
Joey Lee_vs_Chan Pu Ho
Angie Parr vs Karen Lynch
Misty Sutherland vs Melanie Kohler-Edwards
Muay Boran demonstration-(same page as Lee   Sheila)
Jorina Baars vs Nong Toom
Krista Fleming vs Bernise Alldiss
Amy Davis vs Denise Mellor
Photos of Oceania Fighters by Angela Parr
Sylvia La Notte vs Linda Ooms
Linda Ooms vs Soumia

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Please send us photos of your favorite fights
along with the name of the person to you want to receive the photocredit.
we will publish as many as possible.


  NOTE:  Our policy is to post any and all photos sent
 to us, except for redundant
duplicates of the same scene-such as multiple
post fight poses. We absolutely will not undertake to edit fight photos to "balance"
them for "fairness"-that is an impossible,
and thankless task which years
 of experience has proven will inevitably leave someone unhappy.

I believe it is also inappropriate and unethical for us  to decide whether any
photo accurately represents what happened in a fight we did not even see!

Please bear in mind that ALL photos are only a snap shot of a few
moments of a fight, and cannot possibly be a full and totally fair representation
 of everything that happened during the fight.

If you feel your performance as a fighter was not fully or objectively
 represented by the photos submitted to us either by your opponent or the promoter,
 or a photographer, remember that is almost always the case.  Photos represent but a
brief moment in a fight.

However, we are always more than happy to post any additional photos
 you may have of a particular fight. In fact, if you wish to send a written caption
explaining a particular photo, we will be happy post it under the picture.

For example, if there is a picture of
you on the canvass, due to a slip. and you are afraid
viewers will assume its a
knockdown, I will post your explanation under the photo-so long as you
 are willing to take responsibility for the caption and be quoted-

It is not our responsibility to edit or remove photos in order to
"balance" fight photos sent to us.

That puts us in the untenable position of making very subjective and time
consuming decisions as to which photos "accurately"
represent everything that took place.
so, please do not ask.
 Also, We longer have  the space to post  pictures of  head gear
 or padded fights with the possible exception of the Queens Cup
tournaments in Thailand.
 So, we are limiting ourselves to 
 the pictures that fans have expressed the most  interest in seeing.
Padded fights get very few hits.

We may eventually have to purchase more web space, as this site
is now taking an enormous
of space on the web server.

Much of it due to the enormous amount of photos in over 17 galleries, not 
including this fight photo page.
  Please send the name of the photographer
who is to receive credit when you send fight photos.

As for fighter profile photos, if you become unhappy with the photos
 you submitted  to us, for any reason,
we will change them a maximum of once every six months.
 We also post any photos you send us for your profile page, including "sexy"
or glamour shots.
So please make sure
 you are reasonably happy with any photos you submit.
This policy statement is posted on our fight photos page.

This also goes for fight repoorts submitted- if your opponent or anyone
 else for that matter,  sends her report,
and you think its not objective and it probably will not be) I will also post any
fight report you careto send on the same page.

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