Gallery three: Fighting Women of the World

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American amateur Muay Thai Champion, Angela Rivera. Angela has just recently turned pro. She trains at Master Toddy's.
Kyoko Kamikaze
Miyazake gives a deep and respectful bow to her American opponent, Jessica Brietfelder and the spectators. see ko's

Australia's teenage
 sensation, Amy Birch
 sticks it to her opponent. 
Undefeated Karen Ousey, of the UK
ready for all comers
at 135 lbs.

Taking a standing 
eight count, Belgium's
 Marleen Lambert 
appears disoriented
 after punch from Naoko Kumagai.

Yvonne Chavez pounds
 Wilfred Parra. She patiently
 and methodically picked 
Parra  apart and knocked 
him out in the third round
 of their amateur bout at 
West Mesa high school, 
in Albuquerque, New 
Mexico. See great ko's.


England's Nicola Fearnley
as an opponent might see her
across the this image

apan's legendary Muay Thai bantamweight champion, Naoko Kumagai batters
Holland's Micaella Polo.

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Angela Rivera 
(white top)
 Lands A kick to the side of The head of UKF champ champion, Gina Leathers

Satoko Uemura(right) tastes the ko power of Natsumi.  

       WIKBA World MuayThai Champion, Sachiyo Shibata.
aka The Princess of Pain".
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