Fighting Women of the World:
Gallery Four -Entrances

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Ilonka Elmont

Lisa Houghton-Smith


meehan_enter_lg.jpg (104312 bytes)
"Killer" Kate Meehan enters to face Kimberly Tomes

toledo_entrance3_jpg.jpg (124008 bytes)
Christine Toledo makes her way to the ring to face Alisanne Casey

Kiken "Danger" Takayama makes a macho entrance prior to his famous fight with WMC world Champ, Asako Saioka.
 Laura "Storm" Skinner enters to face Sachiyo Shibata for their famous  WIKBA World Title bout. 

Takako Shimoseki on her way to  the Ring for a fight in Thailand


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Sachiyo Shibata Makes her entrance prior to her WIKBA World Title Fight with Laura " Storm" Skinner


Australia's Louise O'Donnell
looking all business, and very 
 intimidating as she enters the arena.

   casey_enter.jpg (45912 bytes)
Alisanne Casey enters the ring for her first fight with Christine Toledo


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