Fighting Women of  the World
 Gallery Five: 

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Marlowe McCray
posing with Benny 
Urquidez...after Marlowe's opponent, backed out at the last minute.
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Hisae Watanabe acknowledges her fans


Don't let these women
fool you. They are Knockouts in
  more ways than one. On the left,
Angela Rivera (USA)
and Marlowe McCray,
also of the  USA.

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Gracyer Aki


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The Forum 



  fudohkanjoshi.jpg (107553 bytes)
Women of the Fudohkan
leaving arena after fights.
Front to back:
Natsumi Nakazawa,
Aya Mitsui, Naoko Kumagai.
Between these three women, 
they have amassed a record of 55 
6 losses and 3 draws.
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The "Killer Queen" takes
a knee to the gut.
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