Fighting women of the world: Gallery 7       

Can she really do it?

  The power of Natsumi

  Natsumi kicks opponent on way
   to another win

   King's Cup winner, 2002, Thailand.
    Heidi Strengell of Finland, with runner up, Lorraine 
Farley of the UK.

 trisha_bicep.jpg (77960 bytes)
Trisha "TNT" Hill


windy_daun.jpg (55164 bytes)
Windy Tomomi down from a  punch
by Kalliope Yeitsidou.


                    alicia-sachi.jpg (341194 bytes)
                 Alicia Werner and Sachiyo Shibata




Sylvia Valicelli Kicks Windy Tomomi

Gracyer Aki plants one on Hisae Watanabe

         Jackie Short vs Rungaroon Sirifignom

Jackie Short vs Rungaroon Sirifignom


                                    hisae07.jpg (41315 bytes)
                                       HisaeWatanabe kicks Sabrina Lai

        hisae04.jpg (40690 bytes)
Hisae Watanabe gets flowers from a big admirer

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