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Germaine de Randamie

Germaine de Randamie is the WIKBA's number one ranked contender at 63 kg (and under) and she is ranked #1world wide at 59 kg. She will be fighting for the WIKBA World Muay Thai title in Victorville, California, USA on November 19, 2005 against Angela Parr.  

Germaine, Before we start with questions, could you tell us  a  bit about yourself,? Like  your personality  type, etc ? 


 I am Germaine de Randamie, i am 21 years old, live in the centre of
Holland in the city Utrecht. i am studying psychology, and have my own gym "Team Germaine".  I am the Dutch champion, 3 times the European champion and a 3 time reigning champion of the world in 2 different weight classes.

1. What made you take up fighting? And how old were you when you started?

my trainer asked me if i wanted to fight someday, and i said yes, why not? At that time ,i was 15 years old. i had just turned 16 when i fought my first fight.

2. How does your family feel about you fighting?

My family supports me for 100.000%

3. What is your training schedule like?

I train 6 days a week 2 times a day. That's different from running and
swimming in the morning and techniques, sparring and pads in the evening.

4. Do you cross train in any other martial arts besides kickboxing?

I also train boxing and wrestling. I'm  training boxing with the former box
trainer of lucia rijker, romeo kensmill.

5. Do you drop weight for your fights, or do you fight at your walk around weight?

I drop some weight for the fight. my walking weight is around 64/65 kg. but that goes easily, to lose the weight

6. Do you have any special diet?

hahahaha yes i have my mothers cooking. she knows what i have to eat healthy and very good! she is also my mental coach hahahaha.

7. how may weeks before a fight do you begin training for that fight?

i always train very hard, so i'm always ready to fight! when i know it early, i start 8 to 6 weeks before the fight. with special training.

8. What is your favorite technique?

watch me ;-)

9. Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside the gym and fighting? And do you find  time to make friendships with people outside the gym, who are not fighters? Or does the life of a fighter become the center of your social life also?

Yes, i do got other hobbies. i love walking with my doggy on the beach, i also love to do wakeboarding with my friends, and yes, i have enough friends who don't train or fight. But, still training and fighting is the centre of my life and all my friends respect that.

10. Who is your biggest supporter?

my mom, my father and my brother- and of course, my friends!

11. When was your first fight? And what  do you remember most about your first fight?

My first fight was 27 may 2000. i was fought against Lesly van Es from
matuari in Amsterdam, and i still remember everything of  the fight like it
was yesterday. But, i remember all my fights very well.

12. Who would you say was your toughest opponent to date, and why?

Dagmar van Alfen.  that was 26 april 2002 in Madrid, that was my first
A-klasse fight i moved from c-klasse to a-klasse so it also was my first
time 5 rounds  and Dagmar was 5 kilograms heavy than I.

13. Are you ever nervous before a fight? And if so, how do you deal with

I'm not nervous before a fight ,just normal adrenalin. I just relax, go to
the beach with my dog, or have some fun with my friends. I  just train hard and i'm READY.

14. What advice would you have for a beginner who is preparing for her very first fight and who is extremely anxious or nervous?

Try to relax do some things you like to do! If you have trained hard for the fight, then you know what you can do, and try to give the best of your self! and may the best fighter win.

15. I am going to mention a few names, and I want you
to tell me the first thing that comes into your mind,
when you think of these persons:

a. Asako Saioka:

Respect. she can take a lot!

b. Brenda Duyneveld:

Strong fighter

c. Dina Pedro:

Smart fighter, but does not want to fight !

e. Fiona Hayes:

Has a nice ram muay, was a short fight

f. Shelley Nisbett:

I heard about her, don't know her

g. Tricia McKeary:

Respect: she fights against everybody no matter how it
is, we will fight 17 december 2005.

h. Karen Ousey:

 I heard a lot about her, hope to fight her sometime

i. Marjoline Hulshoff:


16. You have fought in Thailand and won a gold medal. What did you think about the style of the Thai fighters? In what ways are they different from the fighters of other countries that you have fought?

I think the Thai style is a great style, but i also think tempo is too slow,
they start to slow in the fight, but the style is ok! Fighters from other
countries sometimes try to fight  the thai style, but on a higher tempo that's
much better. But, it was a great experience to fight in Thailand and to
train there .

17. Some people say the Dutch women are the best kickboxers.
is there anything different about the style of the Dutch fighters,
from fighters in other countries?

I don't think better is the right word, I just think the Dutch women give a
lot to be at the top of the world.

18. Are there any up and coming Dutch women we should be aware of?

Yes, Kim "dominator" van der stam and Dagmar van alfen. they both train in my gym and they are both A-classe fighters.

19. What has been your most satisfying achievement so far, as a fighter?

To become the world champion in 2 different weight classes -61 and -63,5 kg that was a dream come true . that was in my fight against Asako Saioka, 9 april 2005 , in Amsterdam. i was already 2 times world champion 63,5 kg and in that fight i became also the world champion in -61 kg .

20. What is your ultimate goal as a fighter?

I want to try to stay the undefeated world champion in 2 different weight

21. What would you like to do after you retire from fighting?

To create  champions in my own gym. Team Germaine

22. what can be done to increase the popularity and growth of women's
kickboxing, in your opinion?

Promotors also have to organize K-1 for women in different weight classes. or place them on big shows. and the have to respect us more because we also train very hard maybe harder then a male to get to the top.

23. You have never lost a fight, and may people feel that you are the best
female fighter in the world today. How does it  make you feel feel to have people saying such  things about you at such a young age? Does it put a lot  of pressure on you? Or does it give you extra confidence?

I don't feel like i'm the best, every fight is a fight and the moment will
decide how is the best at that moment.

24. You are fighting Angela Parr in Victorville California on November
19th, 2005  for the WIKBA and IKKC world titles. She is regarded by many experts as the greatest of all American Muay Thai fighters.  How does it feel to be fighting a legend in her home country and home town?

Its feels great, and I'm really looking forward to the fight. a fight is a
fight and it doesn't matter where to fight. The best fighter will win!

25. Will any of your friends, fans  or family members be making the trip
with you, to give you support?

YES, my mom and brother and some friends will be traveling with me to
support me.

26. Is there anything else you would like to say to fans all around the

Yes, I would like to thank them for always standing behind me and
supporting me. and I hope that i can give you many more beautiful fights.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in Victorville on November 19th!

To Contact Germaine  de Randamie for fights, or to see her personal contact information click here


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