Sue Glassey  


Height:165cm,  (5'5")

Weight: 65 kg, 

Record:  11 Wins  6 Losses and  3 Draws 
Sue lives in
  Palmerston North New Zealand 


DOB :7- 05 -71,


Sue has held the following Titles:



 Sue especially wants to fight Sharon Anyos, of Australia In kickboxing.  


Sue says, "I will fight from 62 kg - 70 kg however any fight under 65 kg will need 6 weeks notice.  Otherwise, I'll fight with 10 days notice.

Anyone you put in front of me!!!"


Contact: Trainer, Ben Ahipene, 4 Tennyson St, Danniverke, New Zealand.   


                                              Glassey Bio:

   No stranger to the ring,  New Zealand's Sue Glassey, has been fighting for 8 yrs and has a total of 18 fights to her credit. She has trained all around the world attended Thai training camps in NZ, USA, trained in Sydney Australia, London UK and fought in China, Australia and NZ. She currently holds a list of titles in  kickboxing and Thai boxing (her world titles included elbows and knees to the head) and is No 1 contender for a list of other titles.

   Sue's  main problem now is finding someone to fight her, Sue’s last kickboxing fight ended in a fourth round knockout seeing her opponent out cold for a long time. Sue is trained by one of NZ’s top trainers, Ben Ahipene, a trainer that knows and understands the hardships of training having competed internationally for numerous world titles himself. Ben is also aware of the importance of sports physiology, nutrition and psychology and is a well-rounded and highly regarded trainer. Sue has only been training with Ben for 3 yrs and it’s during this time that an undeniable transition has taken place, Sue now feels she is in the right place to start fighting for real and is proving it time after time.

So if you are a promoter wanting an exciting and highly entertaining fight on your card you can’t go past Sue ‘crazyhorse’ Glassey. 

  Or, If you are a trainer and feel your girl has what it takes to make it to the top then put her to the test, if she can beat Sue then she truly deserves to step into the ring with pride. You can contact Sue at or her trainer, Ben Ahipene, at 64 6 374 6328 or   64 25 286 3259 
She can also be contacted at  0064 274 748 695.  Sue Will fight any rules, and would like to hear from you

Sunshine ,  in a 140 pound class international rules bout.

The result was a controversial d reports for more details.

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