Great ko's by the world's toughest women kickboxers 
and Muay Thai fighters.

Naoko Kumagai vs Lisa Howarth


When two World Champions collide, something has to give.

Kuma backs Lisa into the ropes...a left knocks her guard down,

the next one gets through, and it's a bomb. Lisa is out cold before she hits
the canvass.

No need to count...Lisa is moved to her corner to be attended to...

 Footnote: The first time these two legends met was in Birmingham England,
 fairly early in Kumagai's career, but she brought an 11-2
record into the fight, plus the WKA Muay Thai title.
Naoko in an interview with, said  as they were clinching, and the 
ref signaled for a break. "lisa tapped me on the shoulder, so I thought she was going to back off. Instead, she knee kicked me when I wasn't ready. So, that is why the referee declared it a no-contest."
Hopefully, we will have an interview with Lisa Howarth in the near future.



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