Great ko's by the world's toughest women kickboxers 
and Muay Thai fighters.

Aya Mitsui vs Natsumi Nakazawa: A war between best friends.






(frame one) In the first round, Natsumi floors her friend and stable mate, Aya  Mitsui. 
 This was the first and only time Aya was ever floored in her short but brilliant career.
 (frame2) Aya gets up and beckons Natsumi  who is standing
In a neutral corner, to "come on!!" The action picks up. Aya decks Natsumi in round two.

Then in round three: Aya catches Natsumi with a hard kick to the midsection, which sends 
her friend to the canvass writhing in pain. This is the only time Natsumi has ever been ko'ed.
 She had beaten Aya as an amateur when she was 16 years old. But as a pro, Aya finished 
her career at 13 wins 0 losses, two draws, after a tragic fall ended her career in 1999.

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