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Lisa Houghton-Smith Vs Asako Kamio

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September 27, 2001, Leeds Town Hall Center, Undefeated Asako
Kamio from Japan, challenges Lisa Houghton-Smith for the WAKO
Muay Thai World Championship. 

 Kamio attacks cautiously, and tentative.

  Houghton-Smith staggers Kamio with
hard body punch..and Kamio appears ready to fall..but courageously fights on..

A kick,

another body punch

and Asako is down, but was saved by the bell.  Round 4, Houghton delivers a hard knee thrust

and  Asako is doubled over in pain. The ref has seen enough, and assists
                 a rubbery legged Kamio to her corner. Another devastating ko by Houghton-Smith.
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