Great ko's by the world's toughest women kickboxers 
and Muay Thai fighters.

Bambi Bertoncello (USA) vs. Chantal Nadon (Canada)

This bout was a rematch of an earlier bout between
 these two in Canada, in which Chantal won a close decision.
That fight was under full contact rules, which Chantal prefers.
But, Chantal promised Bambi that if she won, she would give Bambi a rematch
under oriental rules with low leg kicks; Which  Bambi  prefers.
This rematch was in California for the North American Bantamweight

As soon as Bambi was introduced
to the partisan American crowd, filled
with Bambi supporters, Chantal gave Bambi a cold
 prolonged stare. Bambi avoided eye contact,
and acknowledged her cheering supporters..
. Chantal predicted she would
ko Bambi in the third round...

Chantal taunts Bambi to "come on!"

Chantal pins Bambi in the corner, as Bambi covers up..then, as Bambi kicks,
she drops her right hand, and Chantal catches her with a perfectly
timed spinning backfist.

Bambi down and out, as shocked fans look on
in disbelief.

Bambi dazed and unable to get up.2nd round ko
for Chantal Nadon.

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