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Interview with

Trisha "TNT" Hill

1.   What made you take up fighting?

A:  - I started taking kickboxing mainly to get in shape, my now husband Marshell asked me to do an exhibition about 6 months into my training, which I did. I was hooked and have been in love with it ever since.

2. So how long have you been training now?

A: About 5 years

3.  What is your training schedule like?

A: my husband is my fitness coach, we do weight lifting 3-4 days a week. I  run six days a week alternating distance with sprints and stair exercises with my coach Kelly Leo.

4. When was your first fight?

A: 1999  

5.And how old were you?

A: 23

6. What do you  remember most about  that fight?

A:  it was a hard fight and I knew then that I wanted to be a fighter. I was loosing the fight and my coach told me that I was behind. I came out in the last round knowing I had to Pressure this girl if I wanted to win, I didn't like the feeling of loosing so I started banging toe to toe and refused to back up. It was the best feeling, I knew this is what I wanted to be. 

7. and what would you do differently in that fight if you could do it over?

A: Nothing

8. You've fought Oriental rules,  international rules, and Muay  Thai rules.  which do you prefer?

A:  I like them all, each style brings a different type of fighter & I think that is good for the sport.

9. What is your favorite technique? Spinning Side Kick 

10..  Do you prefer  to ko your opponents as quickly as possible or do you prefer to slowly pick them apart and showcase your skills and technique??

A  I like to have a good fight, if the knockout comes I'll take it, but I do like to work on my technique.

11.  I am going to mention a few names, and I want you to tell me the first thing  that comes  into your mind, when you think of these persons?

A. Holly Holm?

-Skilled Southpaw

 B. Kat Diaz?

IShe is going to be a great fighter

 C. Angela Rivera-Parr?

Awesome fighter ,great technique & Skill

 D. Keri Crothers?

Will be a tough opponent

 12. is there any particular female fighter that you especially admire? If  so, who and  why?

Kathy Long because she was never afraid to fight anybody, she made the way for women's kickboxing. She proved that women can fight.

13. Who would you like to fight next?

A. I  want a rematch with Jacqui Nava 

14. And under what set of rules?

A:  any rules

15. Who would you say was  your toughest opponent  to date?

A: Angela Rivera-Parr

16. What made her so tough?

A:  She was in good shape, she knows how to use her reach and she keeps coming

17.  You are fighting Keri Crothers  next, and then Karen 9mm Ousey in England for the WIKBA World Title. What are your thoughts on these two  fights?

A:  I respect both of these fighters, I am excited to have the chance to go to England and fight Karen for the world title, I am looking forward to fighting Keri as well I know both will be great fights.  

18.. Are  there any foreign countries where you would be especially interested in going to fight?

A:  I would like to travel anywhere to fight

19. . What do you think can  be done to  really  get women's kickboxing and Muay Thai really popular and moving again? 

A: I think the idea of a women's K-1 would be a great way to show the talent that is out there.

20. .  What do you  think about three minute rounds for women as well as men? 

A: I don't see a reason why not, I train in the gym under 3 min rounds.  

21 Do you think women are physically capable  fighting three minute rounds?  

A: Yes

22.. Then, do you think that doing the same five three minute rounds as the men, would increase respect for Women fighters?

A:  Probably in the eyes of men

23. do you think refs are too quick to stop a women's fight?

A  some times,  yes I do

24. why should  promoters book  women fighters?

A:  There are so many great female fighter out there , they are exciting to watch and they don't stop.

25.  And YOU in particular??

A:  I love to fight it is my life so I always give 100%, hopefully the promoters like that ad will have me back :)

26.  what would you like to say to your fans? 

A: I want to thank them for all the support that I have gotten. From my amateur career up to now, I get E-Mails from people that give me so much encouragement even if I have had a bad fight, I know I have to get back out there and do it again. It great to know there are people out there watching you progress, and that gives me more drive and I am grateful for that !!!!

  Thanks  for your time.


You are welcome.


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