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Lilly Rodriguez, USA, won WKA world featherweight title. She held it
until she retired in 1986.

Graciella Cassilas USA (won) v ?. 1979. WKA world full contact title.
Graciella Cassilas USA (won) v Karen Bennett. Points. 1979. Boxing. 
Non-title fight
Bennett was the reigning IWBA world  champion. This was Cassillas’
boxing fight. Bennett retired straight after this fight leaving the
vacant for Cassilas to contest against Ginger Kaufman two weeks later.
Graciella Cassilas USA (won) v Ginger Kaufman. 1979. Boxing. For the
118lbs vacant world title.

Fight results
Graciella Cassias USA (won) v Rochelle Ragsdale USA. Round 2 tko.
WKA world full contact title defence. 29th March 1980. Tropicana
sports complex Las Vegas Nevada.
Cassilas held a world title in both boxing (IWBA at 118lbs) and
kickboxing by this time.

Saskia van Rijswijk - Chakuriki gym Holland (won) v Yupin Chop Chai
2nd round ko. world thai boxing championship
Saskia also held full contact championship of the Netherlands.
Graciella Casillas  v Cheryl Wheeler USA. Kickboxing. 7 rounds points 
Wheeler was announced winner. Cassillas disputed this and the result
overturned in her favour.
Wheeler fought her first professional kickboxing fight against Ruth
winning over 5 rounds by UD.
Cassillas has reported her fight record at this time to be 28-0, she
in 1986 with a record of 31-0  18ko’s.

Cheryl Wheeler  (won) vs. Woo Yuo Ling. Hong kong. Tko round 3.

Cheryl Wheeler  (won) v Carol Limas. 1st round TKO. WKA world super
weight kickboxing championship.
Lucia Rijker Vos gym Netherlands (won) v Lilly Rodriuez . 1st round
15th Jan 1984. (world title?) Low kick rules.
Lucia, then 16 years old, was considered the under dog in this fight. 
Beating such a credible opponent shot her to notoriety. This was her
fight having begun thai/kickboxing when she was 15.
Rodriguez retired in 1986. Her record has been reported as 47-2 in 
kickboxing and 17-2 in boxing.

Carol Mckinlay  

on Sept 27 1984 on the under card of the world heavy weight championship in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Jim Walker  Vs  Maurice Smith    won split decision
 Mar 2   1885  re match   carol won   again on the under card of the world heavy weight championships in Edmonton Alberta Canada.
Carol continued to fight and on October 24 1992 won the Western Canadian Ladies Amateur Superlightweight Championship.

Lucia Rijker (won ) v Nancy Joseph France . Tko round 2. 26th May 1985.
European title fight
Lucia Rijker (won ) v Cheryl Wheeler . Points  7 rounds. 6th October
Holland. Full contact kickboxing  world title.
Cheryl retired from fighting 1987 with a 17-1-1 record. 7ko’s.
Lisa Howarth Toddys England (won) v Cathy Paschy France. Points. Thai
Location London England.
Leah Goldstein Canada (won) v Dale Bakey Canada. 2nd round tko. Wka
bantamweight title
(a rematch - they fought a year previously , Goldstein winning again
same title which bakey held at the time)

Anne Quinlan (won) v Yolanda mol. Round 4 tko. ? Date- preceded fight
Howarth. England
Anne Quinlan (won)  v Yolanda mol. Round 2 tko. ? Date- preceded fight
Howarth. Holland. Flyweight.
Lucia Rijker (won) vs Anne Holmes Toddys England. Thai tko rnd 1.26th
1987 Amsterdam Holland
Lucia Rijker (won) vs. Valerie Henin France . 4th round tko. 8th
1987.world kickboxing title.
Lisa Howarth (won) v Dale Bakey . Points 7 rounds. World super-fly
wka title (first WKA title contested in Britain) London England
Lisa Howarth (won) v Claudia, Netherlands. Thai. 3rd round tko.
Lisa Howarth (won) v Yolanda Mol, Rocky’s Gym Netherlands. 5 rounds
(?exact date) England. Wka super-fly weight and IFCF bantam weight

Lucia Rijker (won) v Danielle Rocard France. Tko round 1. 14th February
1988. Arnhem.
Anne Quinlan Toddys- England  (won) v Yolanda mol. 3rd round ko. This
was arranged for a television show and broadcast live. Took place in 
England. Third of the matches they had.
Ella Yee, Toddys -England (won) v  Japanese champion. Tko round 3. WKA
flyweight title. Tokyo, Japan.
Ella Yee v Pixie Elmore USA. 53 kg. 5 rounds kickboxing. Draw.16th July
1988, Japan
(Ella, then aged 17, fought twice in Japan in ‘88  and trained in
Her record at the time  included 3 wins over Mags Dermody of Ireland)
Lucia Rijker (won) v Ruth O’Hara Ireland. Took place in Japan ,
 October 1988
Danielle Roca, France (won) v Julie Bostock  Tony Moore- England.
 Points . 
WKA European title. Took place in France.

Kathy Long (won) v Danni Rocca France. 9 rounds points. ?date. France.
world featherweight 124 lbs title. kickboxing
Rocca was defending champion. Long already held 2 world titles by this
She cites this as her toughest fight.
Kathy long (won) v Bonnie Canino USA . 12 rounds . Points. 1990. Title 
fight. kickboxing
Lisa Howarth (won) v Kathy Long USA. Points 3x3min rounds. 3rd February
1990. Picketts Lock London England. Thai. Kathy’s first (and only?)
Ella Yee (won) v Barbara Kelly USA . Points 3x3min rounds. 3rd February
1990. Picketts Lock London England.  Low kicks
Anne Holmes (won) v Vera Verschuren, Netherlands  3rd February 1990. 
Picketts Lock London
England. Thai
Lisa Howarth (won) v Florence Suire France. Points. 24th March 1990.
England. 54kg. Kick boxing.
Anne Quinlan (won) v Veronique lelouier France.  1st round tko. 24th
1990. Oldham England. 49kg. Kickboxing.
Anne Quinlan (lost) v Apple Dong Kong Far, Thailand. Points. 2nd June
Picketts Lock London England. Full thai rules 5x3min rounds.
Anne at this point held the WKA and IFCF world junior flyweight titles.
could be the first full thai rules 5x3 fight for women. Anne’s record
reported as 12-1-0 7ko’s following this.
Kathy Long (won) v Denise Taylor USA .12 rounds kickboxing. Points. 6th
August 1990.Lake Tahoe Nevada.
Anne Quinlan (won) v Nong Lek Thailand .1st round tko. Picketts lock
.. Thai.
Michele Aboro Vipers  England (won) v Anne Holmes. Points 5 rounds.
WTBF world super featherweight title. picketts lock London.
Corrine Geeris  Chakuriki Netherlands (won) v Daniella Sommers Belgium.
October 1990. Amsterdam. European title. Thai.
Lucia Rijker (won) v Maxine Adams England. Ko round 1. 18th November 

Nancy Joseph France (won) v Brigitte Pastor. 1991. (?exact 

Lisa Howarth  v Naoko Kumagai Japan. . Birmingham
 England (ruled a "no contest"  by WKA after protest due to knee KO on break)

Michele Aboro v Lisa Howarth . Draw.21st  April 1991. york hall London

Kathy Long (won) v Ramona Gatto USA. Points

Michele Aboro (won) v Maiselder France. Ko round 1. Paris, France. 
International title

Lucia Rijker (won) v Michele Aboro . Tko. IMTF world lightweight title.
June 1991. Oldham, England.

Lucia Rijker (won) v Sanchez New Mexico. Points. 3rd July 1991.
Full contact title.

Lucia Rijker (won) v Sandra Moore -Tony Moore England. Points. 6th
1991. Thai boxing.


Nancy Joseph France (won) v Brigitte Pastor. 1992. (?exact

Nancy Joseph France (won) v Michele Aboro. 1992 (? Date/style /
 location )

Corrine Geeris  (won) v Sandra Bettendorf Germany. Tko round 2. 22nd
1992. Amsterdam

Kathy Long (won) v Kyoko Kamikaze Japan. Points. 5x3min rounds. World
lightweight title. March 1992 . Las Vegas. Kathy’s record following
18-1-1 10ko’s  this was her last kickboxing fight.

Lucia Rijker (won) v Kathy Petereit Canada. Tko round 1. Amsterdam

Lucia Rijker (won) v Michele Aboro . tko ?round. 17th May 1992. Hamburg
Germany. Thai.

Corrine Geeris  (won) v Bettina Volkers Germany. round 6 tko.  20th
September 1992. Amsterdam, Holland. Kickboxing European title fight.

Valerie Henin France (won) v german opponent. ISKA kickboxing world
64kg. Henin held world titles for WKA in full contact and kick boxing
this time. Had recently returned from training trip to Thailand


Corrine Geeris  (won) v Saskia Habraken Siam gym  Netherlands. 5 rounds
points. 7th March 1993. Thai. Amsterdam Holland.

Valerie Henin (won) v Pansawat Thailand?. Tko round 2. Nancy, France

Lucia Rijker (won) v Kyoko Kamikaze. Tko round 2. Tokyo. Sept 4th

Lisa Howarth (won)  v Bonnie Canino USA .points. 22nd October 1993.
city USA. 10 rounds.
The poster gives Canino’s record as 20-2, Howarth’s as 14-1-1 and

Nancy Joseph France (won) v Lisa Howarth. points. Milan Italy. November
1993.  ISKA world full contact bantamweight title

Corrine Geeris (won) v Sandra Moore England. Low kicks. Milan Italy.
November 12th 1993

Bridget Riley USA (won) v Stephanie Curtis Australia. WKA
title .December 1993. Las Vegas.
Curtis held WKA Australian and commonwealth featherweight titles at
time. Riley, trained by Lilly Rodriguez,  held the US WKA title, her
following this fight 15-2 8 ko‘s.

Lucia Rijker (won) v Yuriko Okamoto Japan. Tko round 2. December 5th


Lisa Howarth v Bonnie Canino. Draw. 4th Feb 1994.
Canino held world titles for WKA and KICK. Her kickboxing record is
as 28-4 (not reflecting this draw with Howarth) this includes a points
to Rijker. She moved into western boxing and retired from competition

Valerie Henin France (won) v Zelda Tekin Belgium. 10 rounds points.
world junior welterweight kickboxing title. Barcelona. Spring 1994.

Fredia Gibbs USA (won) v Valerie Henin. Round 4 tko. California 15th
1994. ISKA world junior welterweight kickboxing title. Gibbs came into
fight with an 8-0 record.

Lucia Rijker (won) v Sandra Moore. Points 5 rounds.  April 30th 1994 .
Tokyo. Under card of K-1  Rematch.

Valerie Henin (won) v Agniska Rylik Poland . TKO  Kickboxing.  11th


1994: Nancy, France .

Severine Grandsire France  (won) v Richardson Holland. 9 rounds . 11th
1994. Nancy, France. ISKA 51.8kg continental title

Lisa Howarth (won) v Nora Daigle Canada. Ko 1st round. 3rd June 1994.
Atlantic city USA.

Kim Messer (won) Lisa Smith USA. 10 rounds points.18th July 1994. Santa
Cruz, California. ISKA light-atomweight world title

Saskia Habraken (won) v Daniella Sommers Belgium. points. Rotterdam K1
In a rematch Habraken won in 2 rounds for a world title at 63.9kg.

Michele Aboro Vos  gym Netherlands (won)  v Finie Klee Netherlands. Tko
5. K3 undercard
Michele lost twice to Rijker of Vos gym and responded by moving to
to train at her gym. She also changed her stance from southpaw to
Already a fearsome fighter, Aboro’s  technical ability skyrocketed.

Naoko Kumagai Japan (won) v Regina Halmich Germany. Ko round 1.WKA
flyweight world title 14th October, 1994 . Tokyo  . On all female card
by All Japan Enterprises
Halmich was WKA European kickboxing champion. Kumagai had recently
American Lisa Smith.

Bridget Riley (won) v Natasha Larionova Russia. Nine rounds, points
decision. October 1994.
ISKA world featherweight title.

Sonia Pereira Portugal (won) v Diane Berry England. Points. WKA junior
bantamweight world kickboxing title.

Virginie DuCros France (won) v Sonia Pereira. Points. 16th December
WKA world super flyweight kickboxing title.


Naoko Kumagai (won) v Terumi Fujiyama Japan. points 5x3min. 31st
1995. Osaka Japan. All female card

Naoko Kumagai (won) v Lisa Howarth . Ko round 1. 30th April 1995. Tokyo
Japan. WKA super bantamweight world Thai boxing title. All female card.

Bridget Riley (won) v Gina Hayes USA . Tko . Los angeles
Riley’s record following this 18-2 (9 ko’s)

Irma Verhoef Netherlands (won) v Vicky Norman England. Points 5 rounds
European 62kg title 4th March 1995. Manchester England. All female
Undercard featured future champions Mary Hart draw v Lisa Houghton,
Lowe win v Kate Evans tko round 2, Michelle Sutcliffe draw v Judith

Michele Aboro (won) v Severine Grandsire. Tko round 3. 2nd April 1995.

Songul Oruc Australia (won) v Karen Mead New Zealand. 2nd round tko.
world super feather weight title. 30th April. Melbourne , Australia.
reported as Australia’s first world champion following this.

Chantal Menard, Carlo di Blasi Italy (won) v Marleen Lambert Belgium.
Points. 52kgs. 10th June 1995. Genoa, Italy.

Michele Aboro (won) 8 woman tournament.. ISKA  ‘women’s world
full contact rules. 3x2min rounds.11th June 1995. The Olympic boxing
Aboro beat Stephanie Curtis in the final, Natasha Larionova, points and
Shariyk (?sp.), stoppage. Other fighters were: Roxanne Quinn, Bridgette
Pasteur, Finni Klee and Zulfia Koutdussova- Russia

Naoko Kumagai (won) v Melody Brutnall Australia. Tko round 1

Fredia Gibbs (won) v Arlene Sanchez. 5th round tko. 11th August  1995.
Nevada. ISKA World full contact super lightweight title.
Gibbs kickboxing record has been reported as 16-0 (15kos). She moved
western boxing.

Kim Messer (lost) v Toni Taylor England. Points 10 rounds. 11th August
  Reno, Nevada. World light atom weight title.

Corinne Geeris (won) womens K1 tournament. 10,000 Gilders prize.10th
September 1995 Amsterdam. Produced as a video under the title
see nikko sports video
Quarter finals: Michele Aboro v ‘Sugar’ Mayuki  Nojima Japan. Aboro
tko round 1,but was dq’d for hitting opponent whilst down.  Mayuki
not continue, Aboro advanced.
Finnie Klee (won ) v Marleen Lambert. Points
Corinne Geeris (won) v Angela Glisman Germany . Tko round 1.
Oruc (won) v Irma Verhoeff points
Semi finals: Aboro beat Klee points round 3 but was injured , Finnie
advanced to final.
Geeris beat Oruc points round 3
Final: Geeris beat Klee. Tko round 3 (of 5)

Geeris’ record given as 25-1-1. Aboro’s as 19-3-1. Oruc as 7-0-0

Yvonne Trevino USA (won) v Anne Quinlan. round 2 Tko . 25th November
Nevada, USA.
Quinlan came out of retirement for this, her last  fight.


Aya Mitsui Japan (won) v Sabrina Ritter Swtzerland. Round 1 tko .

Kim Messer (won) v Lisa Houghton England. Points 10 rounds. Kickboxing.
Belfast Northern Ireland. Houghton’s 6th fight.

Aicha Lahsen (won) v Jackie Hughes England. 18th May 1996


July 8, 2000 

Valerie Henin (won by TKO rd 1) v Crystal Bolles
 USA. Henin's KB  record is 32-2 w 25 kos 


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