Interview with Angela Parr


What made you take up fighting?

 I wanted to learn self defense because I was afraid of some skin head chick that wanted to beat me up with a baseball bat one day.


 And how old were you when you started?


After that I looked for a self defense dojo or gym, I found one but it was Karate and I watched one class and was like that's not going to help me on the street. So, I waited and my boyfriend at the time found a Self defense class at College. I started at age 17.

2. How does your family feel about you fighting?


My parents love it. My dad has always been an Athlete and thinks of Muay Thai as a sport and thinks it wonderful how hard I train and likes to give me running tips.

3. What is your training schedule like?


I am running 6 days at 5:30 in the morning. Then I do exercises, sit ups push ups, or I go to the gym at ten AM and do Muay Thai training. At night I train with a pad holder and teach as well as train in a class. It really motivates me because my class won't let me skip out on what I make them do.


4. Do you cross train in any other martial arts besides kickboxing?


No, I don't really like to practice any other martial arts. I like yoga, and pilates though.

5. Do you drop weight for your fights, or do you fight at your walk around


I choose not to drop weight anymore. It makes me moody and I can't let myself get angry cause my daughter is really sensitive to my moods. If I wake up cranky and I am not nice, she asks me "mommy will you smile?" and then I realize I need to change my attitude. I used to drop weight like 5-10 pounds but, I don't like to make myself starve.

6. Do you have any special diet?


 Kind of, I try to eat healthy. Veggies, and meat. Not too many carbs at night. I have to make myself eat more red meat, because if I don't my iron gets low. I try to stay away from candy bars. Chocolate is my only weakness.

7. How many weeks before a fight do you begin training for that fight?


6-8 weeks.

8. What is your favorite technique?


I love every technique. I love Muay Thai.

9. Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside the gym and fighting?


 I like to go to the beach and play with my daughter.

10. How has being married and having a child changed your life?


 It has settled me a lot. I know my husband is proud of me as a fighter but I am sure he would like me to stay out of the ring and look after our daughter and gym, but I love the ring too much. I can't stay away. If I can get one fight a year I am happy. If I didn't have a daughter I would try to fight more often and on the same shows as Wayne. But having a daughter is the best thing I have ever done. She is very athletic and can kick, punch, knee, and elbow. She is only 2.5 years old.

11. Can you manage to fight regularly and take care of your daughter?


No. I could not fight every month. I can not truly compete to my hearts desire.

12. Do you have a sitter or someone to help you?


 I have no close family here in Australia to look after her. She goes to day care and when it's close to fight time I get my close friends to mind her for me. I can only fight 1-2 times a years if I am lucky.

13. Do you take your daughter to your fights?


 Yes, she goes to my fights and my husbands. I don't think she fully likes it but she cheers if we ask her too.

14. At what age should a female fighter think about retiring?


When she feels too old.

Do you have any thoughts or insights about aging and fighting?


No, I think if you take care of your body and train hard you can fight as long as you are winning.

15. In your opinion, is it better for a fighter to wait until she is through fighting before having a baby, or is it better to have the child while you are still in your fighting prime, then take off a year or so and come back-as you have done?


 I think you can fighter before and after. I am glad I had my daughter early. You really don't want to be too old before having children. I will fight till I am like 35.

16. When was your first fight? And what do you remember most about your
first fight?


It was 4 months after I started training. I went to a smoker with my boyfriend and my trainer.There was no other girls at the smoker besides my trainers girlfriend. We ended up fighting each other and I lost. It was very difficult cause my trainer was in her corner. She was training with him for years. But It was very close. And it didn't really bother me cause I had no idea what I was doing anyway. I always tell my students if they lose their first fight it doesn't matter I lost my first fight and I still became a world champion.

17. When was your professional debut and whom did you fight?


 I can't remember the date but it was with a girl named Lisa Peterson. It was above the waist only.

18. Can you tell us something about that fight??


It was tough, she kept throwing side kicks I didn't know what to do but I kept pressing her and I won that fight.

19. Who would you say was your toughest opponent to date, and why?


I think Trisha Hill because she had the most power. She is a tough cookie. I do kind of get attitude with my opponents because of being so competitive. But, I have nothing but respect for her. She was always so nice to me.

20. Are you ever nervous before a fight? And if so, how do you deal with


Yes. It's my name on the line, but I just try to get pumped and get in there and do my ram muay and it makes me focused.

21. What advice would you have for a beginner who is preparing for her very
first fight and who is extremely anxious or nervous?


Just get in there and try your best. Don't leave anything behind.

22. I am going to mention a few names, and I want you
to tell me something about each of these fighters?

a. Trisha Hill   
Lot's of power and very humble.

b. Keri Crothers
She has a different style to mine, so she is very awkward to fight but everyone likes to see her fight. She has a good ring presents.

c. Jackie Nava
She surprises me how many people she beat. I didn't think of her as being that tough but she has a big heart. Now she is a world champion boxer. Good for her.

d. Karen Ousey 
 I have only watched one fight. And I didn't get much from it. But I would like to see her fight Germaine they both are very highly regarded.

e. Tameeka Ransome
She was so strong I was very surprised when we fought. Australian women are so strong.

f. Melissa Godfrey
She is a good Athlete.

g. Gina Leathers?
 She was afraid of me. I was bigger than her I must admit. I was just coming off 8 months of doing nothing, but she was too afraid to show any skills.

h. Marlowe McCray?
I love her she is a good friend, we keep in contact and when it comes to fight time we always are there for each others support. It is too bad it is so hard for her to get fights. She is a classy person.

i. Tasha Marzolla?
I love her too. We are good friends out of the ring. She has so much expectations to fight up to. She will only improve with experience.

j. Laura Skinner?
 She is good for the sport. She is now a referee for ladies fights and is doing really well training fighters.

23. Can you tell us about your fight with Melissa Godfrey?
She ate a lot of my push kicks. I won the first two rounds easy got tired the last but I still won.

24. Have you fought in Thailand? If so, what do you think
about the style of the Thai fighters?

I have fought in Thailand but never fought a Thai. I love Muay Thai. It is so good to go there and watch live Muay Thai. They fight with no emotion and so much finesse.

25. What do you think about the level of Muay Thai in Australia as compared to the USA? What are some of the differences?

 I do think Aussies are much better. They fight more often so they are more experienced. Aussies also bring Thai trainers in often so they can get good training. Plus they travel to Thailand more often to get technique from the source.

26. Are there any up and coming Australia women we should be aware of?

Narelle Leahey. She looks scary and has a skin head hair style, but she is a mom and a great little

27. What has been your most satisfying achievement so far, as a fighter?

 Every time I get in the ring and I look good is an awesome feeling. To make my husband proud is a highlight, he is so experienced and travels all over the world so if I impress him I am stoked.

28. What was your most disappointing or frustrating moment as a fighter?

When I lost to Trisha Hill the first time we fought. I thought I did enough to win I was so devastated I lost my voice completely.

29. What is your ultimate goal as a fighter?

I want to be Double World Champion on Nov. 19th in my hometown in California.

30. What would you like to do after you retire from fighting?

 I will continue to train people and run a gym.

31. What can be done to increase the popularity and growth of women's
kickboxing, in your opinion?

Promoters taking care of the ladies and try to promote them on every event.

32. Do you think women should fight three minute rounds like the men?

Not really. I rather fight 2 minutes. But you do what you gotta do.

33. You are fighting Germaine de Randamie in Victorville California on November
19th, 2005 for the WIKBA and IKKC world titles.  What do you expect from her?

 I know she is strong, young, tall, fit, and undefeated but she has never fought a proud Mexican American like me. I am going to fight to win!

34 How does it feel fighting such a tough opponent in your hometown?

Great, no pressure:)

does it create more pressure on you, or does it encourage you?

 It encourages me. My family wants me to be the best and I must fight the best to be the best.

35. Do you have any predictions as to the fight?

I am going to hurt somebody!

36. What would you like to say to the fans in closing?

Thanks for all your support even though I have not fought in the US for such a long time. Thanks for Master Toddy and Master Chan in advance for letting me come home and train with them. Thanks Dan, that was a lot of questions.


Angela Rivera-Parr

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