Naoko Kumagai    


      女子世界 の kickboxer

   Complete fight  Record: 

1  DRAW  (Holly Ferneley)
1 no contest  (1st fight with Lisa Howarth)
27 kos
(losses includes 2 shoot boxing matches one full contact  rules loss at
age 18 to then world full contact rules champion Ella Yee, and narrow decision loss to Amanda Buchanan
which she avenged in a rematch by Ko'ing Buchanan in the 4th round)

Ht: 5' 2"
Wt 115 pounds 
    Dob: 8-8-71       


The best flyweight ever?


Naoko Kumagai, often compared to Lucia Rijker,
because of her legendary KO punch
is a three time world champion in three
different weight classes.

  She made a cameo appearance in the movie "Jackass"

In  her twelve year career, she  has an impressive list 
of notches on her belt.

In addition to knocking out over 50%
of her opponents, Kumagai  also
defeated the American kickboxing Champion, Kim Messer,
in a five round Muay Thai fight in the Tokyo Dome.
She  holds equally impressive KO victories over the
following world champions:

Amanda Buchanan:  4rd KO

Regina Halmich 1 rd KO

Kyoko Kamikaze 4 rd KO

Lisa Smith 1 rd KO

Lisa Howarth 1 rd KO

SEE THE VIDEO:Kumagai vs Howarth

Natsumi Nakazawa 1 rd KO

see video: Kumagai vs Lisa Smith:
Naoko Kumagai vs Lisa Smith (video)

She also won  a controversial KO victory over  a
  (Male) US Marine Sergeant in a modified Muay Thai fight in Okinawa,
 when she was 19 years old.





 SEE THE VIDEO:Kumagai vs Howarth

 KO of German Boxing and kickboxing Champion, Regina Halmich  (gold shorts)

9KB 8KB    8KB
7KB 7KB 7KB 
     8KB 6KB

video: halmich vs kumagai:


                                                                                                     Naoko retired in 2002.