Lisa Houghton-Smith  

                                                                      Home:  Leeds, England          

                                                                                  Age 28

                                                                               Height: 5'4"             

                                                                          Weight:  50-52kg. 

                                                              Record :  18 wins 3 losses, 2 draws, 8kos




Lisa  Houghton-Smith is the current ISKA women's

World Flyweight Muay  Thai Champion, 

and also the  current WAKO World Muay Thai Champion, She is one of the most feared Thai Boxers in the world. Houghton-Smith  is known for her grappling skills and for  patiently and  methodically  picking her opponents apart before putting them away, with her powerful body punches and knee thrusts.


   Lisa has also earned  a reputation  as a ko artist, with a devastating body punch.

   She  captured  the WAKO 50 kg World Muay Thai Title on September 29th, 2001, at Leeds Town Hall Center, by knocking out previously undefeated Asako Kamio of Japan, in the fourth round, with a powerful knee thrust to the midsection, which caused the undefeated Kamio  to  double over in pain. This was Kamio's first defeat in ten fights.


    Houghton-Smith turned in an impressive performance  in  Thailand knocking out the highly regarded Thai star, Yoko Narangnoi, in the third round with a devastating body punch. Narangnoi, has  over 30 wins to her credit, had won her last five  fights by Ko, before she herself was  knocked out by  Houghton.


On October 22nd, 2000, at Leeds Town Hall, Houghton  knocked out French Champion, Lolita Candel in the fifth round to take the ISKA World Muay Thai title.

She has also knocked out   Lauren Woo,

of France.  To see photo's of her ko's, click on the"best kos" page. 

She has now stopped  6 Thai Boxing opponents !

  She has fought such notables as Mary Hart,

European Champion,  Stefania Bianchini, Thailand's Narart Lek, and IKKC World Superfly Weight Champion, Jussy Lowe (UK) and all time great, Kim Messer.

   One of Lisa's rare defeats came very early in her career, in a   ten round slugfest with the great Kim Messer.  Messer, taking a unanimous decision  in Belfast Ireland. Lisa was floored by Messer's  powerful kicks several times early in the early rounds and it appeared to many observers, as well as the TV commentators that Lisa would not go the distance. And  Messer trying desperately for  a ko, pressed hard.


  But, Houghton showed tremendous poise and tenacity against a furious attack, and was able to  weather the early storm, and take the legendary champion the full ten rounds.  This fight was clearly a tremendous  learning experience  and  a turning point for Lisa, who came out of that fight vastly improved, and more confident than ever as a fighter. 

She has never been stopped in her career.


  Lisa has expressed a strong desire for a  rematch with Messer under  Muay Thai rules, which is Kim's preferred fighting style.  But so far, there has been no response from Kim.

 . But, clearly such a fight would be fiercely contested and generate enormous fan enthusiasm. 

  Lisa is a school teacher, and she  is trained by her husband, Richard Smith, who is also a world class Thai Boxer.      


 Mr.  Smith, founded Bad Company Gym

In 1992,  where he teaches Thai Boxing.

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Lisa's record now stands at ....she can be reached at  for fights.


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