featherweight Muay Thai champion from New Zealand



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Catherine trains at the Sitnarong Thai Boxing Club in New Zealand New Zealand. Her preferred fighting style is Muay Thai. She is the current Women's Muay Thai featherweight Champion of New Zealand. In addition, she holds the TBANZ South Island Featherweight Title. 
   Some fighters Cath would like to challenge include,  Ngapera Perata, Julie Wood, and Joanne Falzon of Australia.

                                     Catherine's fight history and record:

FIGHT RECORD : 8  Wins, 1 Draw, 3 Losses
Fighting weight: 54-59 kg.  (119-130 lbs)


 Current holder WKBF NZ Featherweight Title

Current holder NZTBA South Island Featherweight Title

Runner up NZTBA National Champs 2002

Winner NZTBA National Champs 2001

Winner Kyokushin Karate Full Contact National Champs 2001


  Catherine has been training in Muay Thai for a number of years now and has trained under Master Sken and Sandy Holt in the U.K. and Brett Harrold in New Zealand. Catherine is a qualified instructor under the SIMTA Association, earning her red armband in 1999.
   Catherine only began fighting competitively after moving to New Zealand and had her first fight in May 1999 in Dunedin which she won by tko in the first round. Five months later Catherine was matched against Ngapera Perata from Wellington. This was Catherine’s 2nd fight and Ngapera’s 5th.  But,  Cath took the jump in experience in her stride and the fight ended a draw.
   Cath was rematched with Ngapera for the NZTBA Featherweight Title. This was a perfectly matched fight and both girls went kick for kick, punch for punch from the first bell to the end of the last round and it took the judges some time to decide before awarding the title on a split decision with a majority of just 1 point to Ngapera.
   Cath was then matched against Julie Wood from Auckland for the WKA NZ Featherweight Title. Julie is undoubtedly the No.1 featherweight in NZ with an impressive fight record of 16 wins and only 3 losses. Julie tried hard to stop Catherine in each round but Cath held her ground and went the distance only to lose on a points decision.
   Cath then fought  Debbie Saxton of Palmerston North, New Zealand,  for the NZTBA South Island Title. Debbie has had a number of title fights both in the featherweight and super featherweight divisions and on paper both fighters were pretty evenly matched. Once again this fight went the full 5 rounds with Catherine showing superior technique and power to gain control. The decision went Catherine’s way giving her first Muay Thai title.
   On December 1st, 2001 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Catherine avenged her earlier loss,  defeating Ngapera  Perata by decision,  for the New Zealand featherweight Muay Thai title.  (see pictures on right side of page) 
    Still not satisfied, Maciver says she   would also like the opportunity to fight overseas, including Australia, Thailand and Japan. Perhaps a bout in Japan with Kaori Koizumi?  Koizumi  is  the former IKKC intercontinental Champion.   In any event, with her victory over Ngapera Perata,  Maciver has  now clearly established herself as a force to be reckoned with, in Women's May Thai. 
   Catherine has also fought in a number of full contact Karate tournaments and is currently the Kyokushin Karate New Zealand women's lightweight champion, and also the Seiko Karate Canterbury full contact lightweight champion.

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