Male vs Female fights


On May 28, 2008, Phuket, Thailand

Chantal Ughi defeated Kwan Fa
by points decision.

Below are the photos by Kristian Lund:

Chantal (left) with her opponent, Kwan Fa




April 4, 2008, The Netherlands

Germaine de Randamie Ko'd Tom Waes

see the video at


Sunshine Fettkether  (usa)

ko round 1 

  Randy Pittman  (usa) 

A kick misses the mark..

The next one connects to the ribs






 On July 20, 2003 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan,

Asako Yonezawa-Saioka ( in blue shorts)  defeated Kiken "Danger" Takayama by a unanimous decision
after three 2 minute rounds of kick-boxing.
Saioka was ranked #1 in the world by the WIKBA at the time of the fight.
She had  a record of 30 wins and 4 losses with 11 KO's.

Takayama strikes macho pose
before showndown with Asako

Asako batters Takayama and takes a unanimous decision

Asako Saioka  punishes another male opponent

May 19, 2001, Thailand

Thai SOI 4 beer bar

special challenge match.   (

(male boxer vs female kickboxer)

5 rounds with Muay  Thai rules

o Takako Shimoseki of Japan knocked out an unidentified Thai Boxer
with a knee strike to the midsection in the 3rd rd 

(Takako was down twice in the fight from hard body punches ,but she managed to
come back and win a by knee KO.)

Takako is married to her Thai trainer,
  Thianchai Korking. In 2006 Takako and her family moved to Japan .

For more on Takako go here

Takako writes about this experience in her book "Bankok Shower"
published by Heian Koubou

But we have been unable to obtain a copy of her book

通知: だれでもこの戦いについてのより多くの情報があったら、

Note: If anyone has further information about this fight, or knows the name of Ms Shimoseki's opponent, please e-mail us

Takako Shimoseki

Takako and her husband, Thianchai Korking.
see Hiragana Times for the full article on Takako

On October 9, 1999, in Seattle, Washington,
Margaret "man eater" McGregor, defeated  Loi Chow a
t the Seattle Mercer Arena.

Regina Halmich vs Stefan Raab



112 lb German boxing star, Regina Halmich, defeated 190 pound Stefan Raab by unanimous decision, breaking
 Raab's nose during the fight.  Raab demanded a rematch and in the rematch  She broke his nose in 2001.

You’ll have to watch the video to see how this rematch in 2007 turned out:

go to


Yvonne Chavez vs Wilfred "Junior" Parra

In another so-called "battle of the sexes",
Yvonne Chavez was the only girl entered in amateur kickboxing tournament.
And since there were no other females to provide for a separate girl's tournament, she fought in the same tournament against male competition
Yvonne Chavez, showing a skill, sophistication, and poise way beyond her 16 years,
systematically picks apart, a much taller Wilfred Parra
before knocking him out in the third round of an amateur bout
at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Lucia Rijker vs Somchai Jaidee
In one of the more publicized male vs female fights,
Adam Somchai Jaidee of New Zealand Ko'd Lucia Rijker in the 2nd rd
here are the photos:

Lucia Rijker vs Somchai Jaidee

                                                                                             (Jaidee won by 2nd rd KO)

                                                 Photos captured from vhs video casette                                             



Somchai Jaidee entered the ring first.

Jaidee  in corner before fight

Lucia shadow boxing in dressing room


Lucia in dressing room, getting ready to make her entrance

Lucia entrance

Jaidee Ram Muay

Lucia as was  her custom, never  performed a Ram Muay, but always
turned  her back until her opponent had completed their Ram Muay.

Lucia appeared to meditate while her opponent did his Ram Muay

This view best shows the difference in upper body build-and strength between the two.




beginning of rd 2


Rijker forces Jaidee against the ropes



Lucia lands on Jaidee



Lucia   caught with right hand, and dropped her right hand


Then took a SP left hook..

Lucia going down


  KO shots from another angle below

Female boxer Jackie Tonowonda Ko'd Male Kickboxer, Larry Rodiana
in the second round on US national Television. "Wide World of Sports."     


Jackie Tonowonda Kos Lary Rodiana.

Heavy Weight World Champion, 200 lb Joe Hess,
Ko'd 120 lb Beth Bussey

in a full contact Karate challenge. Nobody complained about the great weight disparity here. But
when female fighters occasionally have even a slight edge in experience, age or wt,
critics (mostly male) cry foul. 

Additional  male vs female fight results:

"Too Hot to Handle" event in Rotterdame

Irma Verhoeff vs Marc Gefferie

Vale Tudo rules: DRAW
(no pictures available for these)



Becky "The Specimine" Levi

Hometown:  Coldwater, Michigan - USA
Styles:  BOXING, WRESTLING (14 years), JUDO (2nd Degree Black Belt)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200-235 lbs.
Trainers:  Dan Severn (MMA) and Joe Byrd (Boxing)
Training Partners:  Dave Beneteau and Don Frye
Big Wins:  Defeated a male professional wrestler by submission in USWF.

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