TRICIA will be facing SHELLY NISBET for the final decider over their two previous battles for the


ANYTHING could happen and EVERYTHING will happen -

In what is going to be a battle of the hearts.

MANCHESTER, UK. March 12th.




Q How long have you been Thai-boxing and why did you begin?

Tricia… I was 11 years old and my nephew was being bullied. I went along to a local

local Thai-boxing gym to support him and loved it, so I ended up staying. I really liked

the competitive side of things.

Q What made you want to fight then?

Tricia… I seen others doing it and like I said I’m competitive and wanted to be a champ.

Have a goal for my training.

Q When was your first fight and what was it like?

Tricia… August 1998 against Alaine Darely from Liverpool. It was my first head contact

fight and I lost. It was weird being hit to the head as before then I fought amature

rules, but I couldn’t wait to fight again.

Q Who inspires you and why?

Tricia… Lisa Howarth. I have trained with her, watched her fight and watched her videos.

She is a great fighter and well respected. She has heart, determination and a strong

mind. She’d never give up. Great woman inside and outside the ring.

Q Do you plan and train for a stoppage?

Tricia… I train to go the distance because I never underestimate my opponent but if the

opportunity arises I’ll take it.

Q Tell me about your most memorable moment?

Tricia… Winning the British title over Shelly Nissbet is one, but my most recent was returning to the ring after Karen last year down London, and becoming the British Lonsdale Champion. After problems with injuries this was a memorable moment.


Q Tell me about you fight with Karen?

Tricia… “Urggg, I hate you”. A fight I possibly shouldn’t have gone in for at the time. It was

my first fight back after 18 months. I wasn’t fully recovered and training

didn’t go to plan. Don’t take it as an excuse because she won at the end of the day. I learned a lot mentally. It is a fight I want again. Me being 100% I can win. I respect her but I can beat her.

Q What about your most daunting moment?

Tricia… Do I have to answer that? Urrrmm… I took a fight on 6 days notice to fight a lady

in Newcastle. I broke her jaw in 2 places and it was messy. She was 30 and I was

19, and hungry for it. I stopped her in the second round. Her son came running up to

me shouting that I had killed his mum. At 19 it really affected me. ‘It could have been

me’. Like that you know! but I am older now and feel different.

Q How do you feel when you watch your videos?

Tricia… I like to watch them and depending on the fight I can feel good. I like seeing my weakness and strengths, picking up on my mistakes. I enjoy learning.

Q You train at one of the most established gyms in the country. Who do you spar,with and how does it feel to be part of a successful team?

Tricia… I feel’s nice. I spar with fighters like Mary Hart, Double Word Champion. Frankie Hudders, World Champion. Richard Jones, British Champion. Steven Jones, North West Champion. Ashley Gishard, former European Champion, a brilliant fighter. Lots of people. It is really good. We learn off each other all the time and there’s a lot of experience in the gym. In with the best and learn off the best.

Q How often do you train?

Tricia… For a fight I train 6 days a week, sometimes twice. I run 3 times a week. When I am not fighting I train in the gym about 3 times a week. I am always there though as I teach the ladies and children’s classes.

Q Who has been your toughest fight?

Tricia… Marjoline Hulshoff. I fought her twice and both were very tough. Drew the first although I thought I won along with the Dutch crowd and I lost the second. Which again was close but my performance wasn’t my best.

Q What do you think of these fighters?

Karen Ousey

Tricia… Technician. Fights tactical and I would like to fight her again. Next time I will be 100%




Shelly Nissbet?

Tricia… Strong and a nice girl out the ring. We have fought twice before. I won the first on

points and the second she stopped me in the 3rd round

Germaine De Randamie?

Tricia… Never seen her fight but heard a lot about her. She sounds like a good fighter with a

good reputation. Will find out more about her in May as I have got a fight scheduled

with her in Holland.

Fiona Hayes?

Tricia… Seen her fight Shelly Nisbet. Not impressed with her performance. Over rated.


Q What advise would you give to up and coming female fighters?

Tricia… Stick with it through thick and thin. If you have the ability you will come through.

Keep good people around you who care for you. Believe in your ability. Be aware

that people will make their own opinions of you as a fighter, so take the bad with the

good and put it all into positive.

Q What is your opinion on female fighting in the UK and how would you improve it?

Tricia… It’s getting more popular with more girls fighting. Three years ago you might have

had one female bout on the odd show. Now you can see lots of female bouts and often. Standards are getting higher the more girls that fight. I think all lady shows in the UK with good management would improve female fighting.

Q If I was a fighter who was going to challenge you. What should I think and how should I feel?

Tricia… Be worried. Think ‘this girl is good’.

Q You look the business. Are you the business?

Tricia… I am the business.

Q What is your ambition?

Tricia… To become World Champion in the three disciplines of… Thai boxing - Low Kick, Rules and Full contact.

Q What fighters should people look out for in the future?

Tricia… Jaimie Ricketts - North Wales Warriors. The best of this girl is yet to come.

Pamela Oaks: Beastmasters. Has got ability and is a dark horse for the future.

Nicky Carter : Keddles. Looks good. Can give it and take it.


Q How is the preparation going for your World Title fight against Shelly on the 12th?

Tricia… Good. I am getting fit and strong. I am looking forward to a tough fight and becoming the champion.


Q Why should a promoter have you on their bill?

Tricia… I am an exciting fighter who sells tickets. People like to watch me.

Q Why should people come and watch you?

Tricia… Because I am a fighter that you will remember.


Q Who would you like to fight in the future?

Tricia… Germaine, Karen and any of the top fighters out there.


Q Well we are at the end now. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Tricia… I would like to say thank you to everyone that has supported me through my fighting

career, and helped me get to where I am today. Special thanks to Pele my instructor,

our pad men Brian and Tony and everyone at the gym.

Thank you mum for your support even though you don’t like me fighting.


Jaimie… Well Tricia, Good Luck in your fight against Shelly and thank you for your time.

I have enjoyed this.

Tricia… Your Welcome! Anytime! Thank you! would like to give special thanks to Tricia McKeary ,
and also to  Jamie Ricketts for conducting this interview.



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