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Interview with

Jacqui Nava

Jacqui Nava is the WIKBA's number ranked contender at 126 pounds (56 kg) and she is ranked #3 world wide at 59 kg. She currently holds the IKKC Title North American Featherweight Title, which she will be defending against WIBA  6th ranked Trisha "TNT" Hill on January 18th, on PPV from California.


In addition to being a world class Kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter, Jacqui is a fulltime student studying architecture, she works part time for an architecture firm,  and is in her senior year of college. Jacqui resides in Mexico.

Jacqui, Before we start with questions, could you tell us  a  bit about yourself,? Like  your personality  type, etc ? 

In reality, I am a woman that likes tough challenges, both in my chosen sport and in life.
  • As for  my personal life, outside of the gym, I am a full time student attending my last semester in my chosen career of Architecture. I also work part time for an architecture firm.
  • I respect my life as an athlete in a sport that I love and I aspire to be the best, by fighting the best women fighters in my weight class, that is why I am constantly training, and improving my skills. Waiting for the kickboxing community to allow me  to showcase my skills. 


1. What made you take up fighting?


My father started me in Karate and then I started in
Kick Boxing.


2. So how long have you been training now?


Since I was about 13 years old.

3. What is your training schedule like?

I start jogging at 6:00 am about 5 miles, and then
after school I go to the gym, and work for an hour and
half, I do alternating .- warm ups ,shadow, drills,
sparring, bags or thaipads and kickpads.

4. When was your first fight?


My first fight was in April 24th 1996, in the
Municipal Auditorium of Tijuana Mexico.

5. What do you remember most about that fight? And
what would you do differently in that fight if you
could do it over?


I remember I got my first black eye.  And, if I could do
it over again, I would use more defense and move a
little more.


6  Are you ever nervous before a fight? And if so, how do you deal with pre-fight jitters?


No, not really. If I were to get  get nervous before the fight,
 I would try to control myself by moving and thinking on positive things.

7. You've fought Oriental rules, international rules,
and Muay Thai rules. Which do you prefer?


I prefer International rules and Muay Thai rules.

7. What is your favorite Technique?


I  like the  side kick and the axe kick.


8. What is an Axe kick? and when is a good time to use it?


The axe kick is made by moving in a circular
 motion your leg to the  outside as far up as you can go and then pulling
 it down in the oponent's  face. The time to use it is when you are at a distance and going inside to distract the oponent.

 12. Who would you say was your toughest opponent to

 Sunshine Fettkether.

13.  What made Sunshine so tough?

 Her strength and her height.  I tried to move and
keep out of her range.


14. And do you find it mentally and emotionally
 stressful trying to fight someone like Sunshine who
 outweighed you 13 pounds?


Well, I  try not to think about that. There's always a possibility 
that  the weight difference will be  a disadvantage. But, many times fight strategy is more effective than size and strength.

15. Well, did  knowing she had such power, and was continually
pressuring you, cause you to become more mentally intense, and more
cautious in your fight tactics?

 I always try to think when I'm in there.  And I always listen to My
 corner, because that is where everything works out.

 16. Was the win over Sunshine Fettkether your  most satisfying accomplishment? 

 No,  not really.  The most satisfying moment is when I won the NORTH AMERICAN TITLE. 


17. Over Angela Rivera?



18. Do you prefer to KO your opponents or do you prefer
to slowly pick them apart and showcase your skills and

I prefer the KO. But,  if  the fight  goes the distance, I am prepared
for that.

19. I am going to mention a few names, and I want you
to tell me the first thing that comes into your mind,
when you think of these persons?


A. Angela Rivera?



B.Sunshine Fettkether?




C. Claudia Vidaurri?



D. Marlowe McCray?



20. Is there any particular female fighter that you
especially admire? And if so, why?

Trisha Hill; for her good technique.

21. Who would you like to fight next? And under what
set of rules?

I don't prefer anyone in particular. At this level all my opponents are tough.


22. Is there anyone you would really like to rematch?

I really don't care as long as its in my weight

23. Who are you fighting next?


Trisha Hill, on  January 24,  2003

24. Who in the WIBA Ratings would you like to fight
for a vacant WIBA title?  

 All the top ten listed are very talented, so I don't care, I only want to be a world Champion.

25. Are there any foreign countries where you would be
especially interested in going to fight?

Japan, but any country is good to fight in.

26. What other Mexican female fighters should we look
out for?

Brenda Lopez, from Reyes kickboxing gym. she won the bronze
medal in Thailand on the King Cup 2002.

27. What do you think needs to be done to really get
women's kickboxing and Muay Thai really popular and
moving again?

More interest on behalf of the promoters,  more tv coverage of women
fighters maybe a K1 style tournament for the best women fighters. With the same type of media coverage K1 usually gets. Women  have been putting on great fights for years, and I feel promoters are finally noticing, hopefully the sport will continue to grow.

28. What do you think about three minute rounds for
women as well as men?

It's all the same to me I am well prepared for it.

29. Well, do you think most women are physically capable fighting
three minute rounds?

Yes. I really think women have the same capacity and
condition as men.

30. Then, do you think that doing the same five three
minute rounds as the men, would increase respect for
Women fighters?

Yes I think so, it would give us a chance to show how
competitive we really are.

31. Do you think refs are too quick to stop a women's

Yes, sometimes, they tend to be over protective. 

32. What do you think about the mandatory number of
kicks rule in full contact fights?

I  really don't care.  I don't like those rules. I am not too familiar with those rules, I really prefer Kickboxing (Muay Thai).

33. Why should promoters book women fighters? And YOU
in particular?

To give women fighters more opportunities.  And me in particular? 
Because I am a great fighter who can  showcase my skills by defeating the best women fighters in the world. And my goal is to achieve more triumphs and be considered among the best women fighters in the world. I train full time and am always ready to fight!

34. What would you say to your fans?

I want to thank them very much, for their support. And also to remind them to please don't miss my next fight; its going to be a blast!


35. Jacqui, thank you so much for your time.


You are quite welcome;  I was happy to do it.

To Contact Jacqui Nava for fights, see her personal contact information by clicking here


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