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weight : 59 - 62kg.

Record:  10 wins  2 losses 1 draw.

1st fight:          March 1999 - against Leanne Jones - win on points
2nd fight:     August 1999 - against Andrea Ellis - win on points
3rd fight:     October 1999- against Fiona Hayes - win by KO
4th fight:          April 2000 - against Julie Cross - win on points (IKO)
British Title)
5th fight:          May 2000 - against Trisha McKeery - loss on point (ISKA
British Title)
6th fight:          October 2000 - against Trisha McKeery - win by KO (ISKA
British Title)
7th fight:          March 2001 - against Jackie Short - win on points (ITBF)
British Title)
8th fight:          November 2001 - against Brenda Duyneveld - win on
points (ISKA European Title)

9th fight:          April 2002 - against Karen Ousey - draw (ISKA World

10th fight: May 26th, 2002  Angelika Schierholt. Won by decision.

11th fight  September 13th Karen Ousey  loss by decision

12th fight:  March 12, 2004 WIKBA World Title
vs Tricia McKeary
win five rd decision

Shelley  trains with master A in Manchester, UK.
Shelley  holds the ISKA European title (muay thai).
She  prefers to fight muay thai style
For fights, please contact  master A on 0161 834 1127.

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