Interview with Shelley Nisbett



Q: How did you initially get involved in fighting?

I started Thai Boxing for self defence but when I started to get better I wanted to take it to the next level and see what it was like to get in the ring and compete.

Q: What made you take up fighting?

I like competition. I want to be the best at everything that I do.

Q: How old were you when you first took up fighting?

18 years old.


Q: How does your family feel about you fighting in a ring?

They really support me.

Q: do your family members attend your fights?

Yes. They always come to watch me and always seem to shout the loudest, especially my mum.

Q: How long have you been training now?`

5 1/2 years

Q: What is your training schedule like?

I train six days a week, three hours each day.

Q: When was your first fight? And how old were you?

March 1999. 18 years old

Q:. What do you remember most about that fight?

Three rounds seemed to go really quickly. I just remember thinking that it doesn't hurt that much when you clash shins.

and what would you do differently in that fight if you could do it over?

Nothing. It was good experience for me and I got my first taste of victory.

Q: You've fought Muay Thai rules. But, which rules do you prefer?

Muay Thai

Q:. What is your favorite technique?

I like all muay thai techniques and try to constantly improve on all aspects.

Q: You've fought Muay Thai rules. But, which rules do you prefer?
Muay Thai

Q:. What is your ideal fighting weight?



Q: I am going to mention a few fighters by name, and I want you to tell me
your impression and something about each of these fighters?

A. Karen Ousey?

Very fit and tough fighter. By far the best fighter I have ever fought.

B. Fiona Hayes?

Strong fighter but not in the same league as Karen.

C. Brenda Duyneveld?
One of the best from Holland. Very professional and a nice person.

D. Angelique Schierholt?
Tough fighter. Probably the best in Germany

E: Julie Cross?
She gave me a good fight though I was a lot less experienced than her when we fought. I had 3 fights compared to her 22 fights plus boxing fights as well. I still managed to get a points decision against her.

F. Jackie Short?
A tough girl. She comes forward a lot but she didn't have the technical ability to win against me.

Q: . Who would you say was your toughest opponent to date, and What
made her so tough?

Karen Ousey. She is more experienced. She can take a lot of punishment and stay strong.

Q: Which fight was your most satisfying win, and why?
Tricia McKeary - I trained really hard and everything went according to plan, ending in a knock out.

Q: Which fight was your biggest disappointment and why?
The two fights I have lost were quite disappointing, though I have gained a lot of experience from those fights and I am now a better fighter for it.

Q: is there anyone you would really like to rematch and if so, why?
I look forward to a rematch with Karen Ousey in the near future. Both of our fights have entertained the crowd and people still talk about them to this day. A third fight would be just as exciting.

Q: Is there anyone you haven't yet fought that you would especially like to fight? and if so, why?

I would like to fight more in USA. Master Toddy is the older brother of my trainer, Master A. Master Toddy is looking to promote me more in the USA.

Q: is there any particular female fighter that you especially admire?
Lucia Ryjker

If so, who? and why?
Because she is a strong and clever fighter.

Q: Who is the most admired person in your life-in or out of the ring.
And why?


My parents and Master A. My parents because they have made me the person that I am. Master A because he has made me the fighter that I am and I know he is going to take me all the way.

Q: You are fighting Tricia McKeary for the WIKBA World MuayThai Title on March 12, in
Manchester England, but :you have been off a while on maternity leave. Are you physically ready,
and do you worry about ring rust?

I am in the best shape ever. I have trained harder than ever for this fight. My weight is perfect, my sharpness in sparring is great and I am now fitter than I have ever been. I don't worry about ring rust. I am sure that most female fighters have gone long periods without fighting simply because they cannot get a fight.


Q: You have fought Tricia McKeary twice before. You lost to her by decision in May, 2000;
then, beat her by a KO in your second meeting in October 2000. Was the second win by an
actual ten count KO, or by a referee stoppage?
It was an actual knock out. She was knocked out cold. The referee didn't bother to count and her trained got into the ring straight away to look after her.

Q: How do you account for such very different results just six months apart?
I learned a lot from the first fight and trained very hard.

Q: .Can you tell us something about those two fights,
and what are your thoughts on this fight?

The first time I did not prepare properly for the fight. The second time I trained hard and knocked her out. This time I will be even fitter and stronger.


Q: Are you predicting a KO?



Good luck to you on March 12, and thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us!



On March 12, 2004 Shelley Nisbett won the WIKBA World Muay Thai title   defeating Tricia McKeary
by Unanimous decision







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