noriko T   

Home:  Japan
DOB: September 17, 1970
Wt: 52-53 kg-
record: thai+kick boxing   16F 10W 4L 2D 8KO
   MMA: 2F 1W 1L
(record includes MMA fights)

Noriko with  title belt

Noriko Receiving Stadium Championship Cup in Thailand

Noriko Kos her Thai opponent

Titles held :Rangsit Stadium Belt

NORIKO beat Teashan Chor Ensuan 3-0 (47-50,48-50,47-50) 
to win the Rangsit stadium belt, december 16, 2003
   WMC all asia fly weight champ at 112lbs-50,8kg
      she won this on 30th OCT '01in samroon stadium

   ranteraan stadium super fly weight at 115lbs-52,1kg
      she won this title on  29th OCT '02 in ranteraan stadium

   international super fly weight champ at115lbs-52,1kg
      she won this title on 26th DEC '03 in  rangsit stadium special ring

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fight Reports


4-birth day:17th sep 1970
5-fight record=
    pro-boxing = 1F1W
*please do not writing about shoot boxing fed record.
we do not think profetional fedration.
*you can write rial fight records.
*!!=in thailand her fight is!! 9fights 9win 8KO!!!

6-fight style= good pancher+kicker and knee
   she like all convination style.
9-last fight record:
   in bangkok small studium=sorry! she can not remember.
   date:30th JULY
   against?:jay propong
   contract weight is super fly weight=115lbs-52,1kg
   result?:women rule/win by 3R dec. score is 3-0
10-management?:toshimitsu naka:AJKF