Linda Ooms


Date of birth: 05-04-1983 (age: 25 years)

Place of birth
: Warnsveld, the Netherlands

Residence: Zutphen, Dieren, the Netherlands

Height: 1.58m

Current fight weight : 50-52.5 kg.


Fight record:   17 wins, 9 losses, 3 draws, 3KO's
 last fight was on 2th march 2008 against Masako Hayashida
(Japan / Fujiwara Gym) in Tokyo Japan.
Titles earned:
- W.F.C.A word title muay thai -52.16 kg. For this title Linda  Michelle Preston from New Zealand
Title of Belgium, Luxembourgh and the Netherlands -52.16kg. For this titleLinda  defeated Wendy de Kok, from the Netherlands.





Fight style: Thaiboxing, kickboxing.

Trainer: Kenneth Macnack

Gym: KB Brummen, The Netherlands



Trainer Kenneth Macnack

Team Hardcore (



In 2004, Linda won the title of Benelux-champion in the B-class.
 she now fights in the A-class.

Linda Lands one on Jackie Short



Titles held:


In 2004 Linda won the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlans and Luxembourgh) title of the W.F.C.A -52.16kg.


On 5th May 2007, Linda defeated Michelle Preston for the world title -52.15kg of the W.F.C.A.


Linda fought many opponents abroad:


Jackie Short in Aberdeen, Scotland and Maryport, England.


Vasiliki Foyridi in Tripoli, Greece.


Eva Naranjo in Benidorm, Spain.


Mari Curriki in Barcelona, Spain.


Rachel Jones in Plymouth, England.

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Great  Ko's 


Ram  Muay   





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