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Interview with

Karen "9mm" Ousey

9 / 7 / 03

Karen "9mm" Ousey is the current ISKA World Lightweight Muay Thai Champion.

She will be meeting Trisha "TNT" Hill in October in Torque, England for the WIKBA world title.

1. What made you take up fighting?

A: The moment I entered the arena to watch my first event, I saw the ring,
trophies, the guys getting ready etc, still not knowing what to expect I
got totally sucked into the atmosphere. It felt scary, but I liked the
feeling, it was then I realized I didn't want to be a spectator - I
wanted to be a fighter!

2. How long have you been training now?

A: I  am in my 12th year now, I had a very short break when I was about 6
months pregnant having my daughter. 4 weeks after I was straight back
in, let's just say it was in my trainer and partner Howard's best
interest to get me back in the gym as I was giving him hell at home (ha

3. What is your training schedule like?

A: I train almost everyday, usually twice, I teach 4 Muay thai classes,
aerobics classes plus private tuition, as well as all my personal
training. I travel about 200 miles a week training with WIBA world
boxing champion Jane Couch to work on purely my hand skills, then pad
work, bag work, cardio and sparring at Sukhothai Gym.

4. When was your first fight - how old were you?

A: December 1994, I was 23yrs old, I had been training about 12 months at
that time.

5. What do you remember most about that first fight?
Not really knowing what to expect, although I had trained hard I didn't
know if it would be enough because it was my first time, Diane was
strong and challenging  - a great first fight for me. I won on points.

6. Which rules do you prefer?

I fought Shelly Nisbett for the World title under full Thai rules, I
really did enjoy that, we caught each other with some good shots, it was

7. Do you like to KO your opponents quickly or slowly pick them apart
showcasing your skills?

A: I have stopped and retired a lot of my opponents but have yet to KO
anyone, I take each fight as it comes.

8. What is your favorite technique?

A: I like to think I am a good all round technician, and whichever
technique works for me on the day will be my favorite technique for
that fight!

9. I am going to mention a few names, and I want you to tell me the
first thing that comes into your mind, when you think of these people?

a Trix March?

A:  great fighter, good for the sport in the UK.

b Shelley Nisbett?

A: Apart from me (ha ha) the best pound for pound female fighter in the UK
at this time - young and very strong.

c Fiona Hayes?

A: Have never seen her or met her, but for you to have mentioned her she
must be quite good!
My trainer has tried to match us on numerous occasions but to no avail.

d Trisha Hill

A: I have heard great things about Trisha, which makes our meeting all the
better for the sport of women's Muay Thai kickboxing.

10. Is there any particular female fighter that you admire - if no who
and why?

A: without a doubt - Lucia Rijker. She is so naturally talented with
awesome power and technique, she has an aura about her which makes her so exciting to watch, I have yet to meet her but I will one day. I also have
to mention my boxing trainer and partner - Jane Couch, I have learn't so
much from Jane and her trainer Tex, to which I am very grateful.

11.Who would you like to fight next ?

A: Don't mind who - or where - or under what rules

12. Who would you say were your toughest opponents?

A: all were tough in there own way, but some more than others, no fight is
easy, but the girls that stick out the most would be Trix, Julie Cross
and Shelley Nisbett.

13. Is there anyone you would like to re-match?

A: No

14. You are fighting Trisha Hill next for the WIKBA World title, what
are your thoughts on this fight?

A: It will be a great fight for Women's Thai/kickboxing. Trisha has had
plenty of experience, My trainer has picked a truly worthy opponent.
This will bring out the best in me.

15. Are there any foreign countries where you would especially like to

A: I find it difficult to get fights in my own country! anywhere else would
be nice, but I suppose Thailand would be the best.

16. What do you think can be done to really get women's Thai/Kickboxing
really popular and moving?

A: I will leave this one to my trainer Howard, he Says "Trainers of female
fighters must take their time and not push the girls in too soon, this
has happened all to often and the standard has been low, which will not
help the growing sport on the women's side. They must have the relevant
skills in order to defend and attack properly and safely. At my Academy,
if a female wishes to fight, then a fight is a fight, I will put her
through exactly what the guys have to go through, the cardio, pad work,
sparring, the lot"

17. what do you think about 3 min rounds for women as well as men?

A: I train that way, I fight that way, are you saying I am not fit enough -

18. Do you think women are capable of fighting 3 minute rounds?

A: As long as they have the fitness and skill level.

19. Do you think ref's are too quick to stop women's fights?

A: Not from what I've seen. But - there has been fights were you can
clearly see that the girl has not been hit before, and the ref has had
no choice but to step in and call it off! (ref to what my trainer said

20. Why should promoters book women fighters - and you in particular?

A: If the fighter in question is of a good standard then it will be exiting
for the audience, my trainer always makes sure he has at least one
female bout on his shows, he knows it is unusual and will generate
interest. As far as I am concerned, I would hope that a promoter at this
point now would simply judge me as a Champion fighter, not just because
I am female.

21. What would you like to say to your fans?

A: This question made me laugh so much - what fans? Howard tells me
sometimes that people talk about me or ask questions about me on the
internet - but I know nothing about it! I am totally unaware of any fan
base outside of my Academy and home town.
Nobody bats an eyelid when I walk around or go to shows, it makes my
trainer really mad! I have achieved a great deal within this sport but
so far nobody seems to give a stuff!
We cant get sponsorship or anything like that - so if there are any fans
out there, then, thank you very much!

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