Karen Ousey

Record: 15 wins,  0  losses, 1 draw.                                                                                

Wt:  62 kg. 

Titles Held:

WIKBA World Muay Thai Title

WPKL British,
 WKA Quest title, 
ISKA World Lightweight Muay Thai Title                   


Karen has been training for nine years and is a

second degree Red Armband Instructor.                                        

She is also a qualified aerobics Instructor and

personal fitness Instructor.
Karen has had 12 fights with 11 wins, no

losses, and 1 draw.  Her nick name is ( 9mm ) like the

gun, as in UZI  9mm.   She is also

the proud mother of a 9 year old daughter.                                                        

 Karen  is based in Devon, England at the 

Sukhothai Martial Arts Academy.

Anyone interested in a fight

with this undefeated fighter,

contact her trainer and manager,

Howard Hughes:  www.sukhothai.co.uk                                                       

e-mail:  hitman@sukhothai.co.uk


      Special Thanks to Aileen Callaghan

      for the information and pictures

      of  Karen Ousey. ©Karen Ousey  2001

      Be sure to visit Aileen's splendid 

      Muay Thai web site


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