Kickboxing Results:  2001

Winners names have a "o" in front of them and
are listed on top. The losing fighter has an x by their name.

o winner




Dec 16, 2001 Milan, Italy

Stefania Bianchini ,  Italy 

split decision 

Lisa Houghton-Smith,  Leeds, England, 

( international rules kickboxing) Flyweight international rules title

 December 10th, Watford, England,

o Fiona Hayes, England,

Majority Decision

x Melanie Smith, England.

2 December - World Championship Thaiboxing, Royal Holloway University Of London Sports 


o Karen Harding,  England,

 decision over 

x  Illonka Elmont,  Holland by decision. 

According to a report on the Bad Company web site, "... Illonka put in a disappointing performance and Karen won a points decision, which Illonka complained about on the microphone afterwards."

 December 1st, 2001, Christchurch, New Zealand,


o Catherine Maciver, New Zealand,

decision over 

x Ngapera   Perata, New Zealand


(New Zealand featherweight Title)

November 30th, 2001 , Thailand

x Noriko Tsunoda, Japan

TKO  rd 2

x Sum Lee  (Thailand)

(Muay Thai rules 52 kg)

November 20th, 2001. Ukraine.

o Sunshine Fettkether USA, f


x  Larissa Berensenko , Ukraine,


140 pound class international rules bout.

See the fight reports for more details.


November 17th , 2001, Calgary, Canada,

. . Muay Thai bout 

Erin Linley Canada 


 x Rosalba Basurto Arredondo, Mexico,

Knee Thrusts  ( ヒザ )

  See Mike Miles excellent fight report at fight reports

 November  12th , 2001, The Horwich Leisure Center, Bolton, England

o  Mary Hart England,

Unanimous decision

x Jussy Lowe, England

for the  vacant  WAKO Pro European Title 51kg

November 12th 2001,

o Vicky 'Tricky' Roberts   England,


 x  Jane Stevenson,  England,

 - for the vacant WAKO Pro Eng Title 55kg

November 12th, 2001 Calgary, Canada,
 Women’s Canadian Featherweight Muay Thai Title

Jennifer Cutbill, Canada,


x Melanie Carrington, Canada

 (Carrington's corner  threw in the towel, following a standing eight count.   Carrington had been down earlier in the third round.)

November 12th 2001, Calgary Canada,

Shelley Evans 


x Jennifer Ranseth  Canada


 low leg kicks bout.


Special thanks to Mr. Mike Miles for this fight report.

November 12th, 2001, Calgary Canada,

       o  Rayelene Kellock Canada,

unanimous decision.


       x Trisha Sammons, Canada,


            Muay Thai bout welterweight


See the fight report  by Mike Miles. 

11/03/2001, Thailand
     Pattaya Beach,

o Marlowe McCray, USA,

TKO  knee thrust  ( ヒザ )

     x Sowanee Arinya, Thailand


 Note;  Marlowe 
                      trained at the famous Sityodtong Camp 
                      in Thailand for 2 weeks prior to this  bout. 

Rangsit Stadium, Thailand

o Noriko Tsunoda,  Japan

TKO Rd 2 

x Nometto Noonket Shimsahagoon,  Thailand

112 lbs contract wt

September 29th,  Holland,

o Tomomi "Wendy" Kaze, Japan

Uanimous Decision  

x Sabine Heindrichs,  Holland

(Muay Thai)   58 kg

 On September 29th, Leeds England,

Lisa Houghton-Smith 

              KO  fourth round: Knee Thrusts (  ヒザ  )

x  Asako Kamio,  Japan , 

 WAKO 50kg Women's Muay Thai championship.


fight report: 

August 17th, 2001, Koh Samui, Thailand,

o Lisa Houghton Smith  

            KO  Body Punch
Naragnoi,  down in the second round also

x Yoko Narangnoi, Thailand

August 17, 2001

Los Angeles, Ca, usa

Muay Thai 115 lbs

Claudia Vidaurri USA


Valerie Andrada  USA

July 8, 2001

o Sachiyo Shibata  (Japan) 

             KO  third round

x Karen Williams, Australia  


for the ISKA flyweight world title 


July 8, 2001

Fumi Kaiya  (Japan)


Atsuko Shiroyanagi  (Japan) 


July 8th, 2001, Japan Amateur Muay Thai tournament

      o   Fumi Kaitani  (Japan) 


x  Emiko Kosato  (Japan)

On June 23, 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

 IKF/Ringside regional amateur tournament:

o  Jennifer Butler of Dixon, Illinois, USA<

             TKO  1:20 of round 1

x  Rachel Thomas , Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA,

 Muay Thai Rules Lightweight bout.


On June 23, 2001 at Black Bear Casino at Carlton, Minnesota, USA<


o  Rebecca Preacher,   Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA,

                      TKO fourth round

x  Jennifer Thysen,     DePree, Wisconsin, USA


IKF Amateur US Welterweight Full Contact Rules title. 

NOTE: The referee stopped the fight after "Pitbull" Preacher knocked Thysen down hard for an eight count in the fourth round of a scheduled five-rounder. Preacher broke Thysen's nose in the second round and had dominated the action throughout the fight. Preacher had won a split decision over Thysen in last year's  Preacher is now 10-1 (1 KO), Thysen 11-3-1 (4 KO's))

June 17th, 2001  In Japan,



o Kerri Kormack  (Canada)

 Unanimous  Decision 3-0

x Rie Matsumoto  (Japan)   

(Flyweight Kickboxing)

On May 26, 2001 in Beloit, Wisconsin,  USA

 IKF regional amateur tournament:

o  Lois Pazera, USA

    Unanimous decision

x Jade East, USA  

 Super Lightweight Full Contact Rules bout.

May 26th 2001, USA  

o Ryanne Dee 

Unanimous  Decision

x  Suze Shea, USA 

 Lightweight Full Contact Rules bout.

On May 26, 2001 in Beloit, Wisconsin,
 USA:IKKC Women's North American Welterweight Kickboxing Title (low kicks).

0 Amber Danielson (, USA)


 five-round unanimous decision



 x Raylene Kellock Campbell River, BC Canada) 

Note: Danielson used her reach and would side kick every time the shorter Canadian would attempt to move in. Kellock at times would deliver punches, but not watch her opponent and this was to be a mistake in the third round. Danielson observed this and sprung in delivering a right cross which dropped the Canadian to the canvas. Kellock recovered and survived the onslaught of the American until the end of the round. The final two rounds had Danielson in control and though she never hit the Canadian with any other hard shots, her strategy of hit and move proved to be enough to win the title."

  Jennifer Cutbill, Calgary, Canada) 

                  by unanimous decision

   Monica Michel (Rosales, New Mexico, USA) 

May 21st, 2001 from Japan: 


o  Kaori Koizumi  (Japan)

Decision:  3-0

x  Tenko Onuma  (Japan) 



May 21st, 20001,  Japan:

 IKKC world flyweight title: 


o Sachiyo Shibata  (Japan)


             KO  3 min of the 3rd rd.

x   Jet Izumi  (Japan)  


   ( Izumi down in the first round also)

May 21st, 2001,    Japan

o Kaori Koizumi, Japan

Decision (3-0)

x Keiko Onuma , Japan

(Kickboxing 57kg)

May 19th, 2001   Greece

women's kickboxing, 54kg 


o Kalliope Geisodou,  (Greece)

          by decision over:

x  Tomomi  (Wendy) Kaze (Japan)

On May 12, 2001 Moscow, Russia

 o  Anastassia Touktalova,  Russia 


Erin Linley , Canada 

for the ISKA Super Flyweight Oriental Rules World Title. 

On May 11, 2001 Sequoia Conference Center, Buena Park, California, USA:


o  Claudia Vidaurri , USA

       unanimous decision over

x   Michelle Zambrana. USA

  (-Muay Thai rules)

On May 8, 2001 at Memorial Gardens in North Bay, Ontario, Canada:

 for the ISKA World Flyweight Full contact rules  title. 


Chantal Nadon,,  of North Bay, Canada 

unanimous decision  

x Mary Hart of Manchester, England,

note: The close-fought ten-round bout in front of 2000 fans in Nadon's hometown left her bloody-nosed but looking forward to more action ... "I'm not ready to leave the ring yet. I feel I still have a lot of good fights left in me," said Nadon, adding that Hart was the toughest opponent she had faced recently.

 May 28, 2001 at the Town Hall in Speyer, Germany: 
WKA 57-kg kickboxing world title.

(W) Silke Weickenmeier , Speyer, Germany, 



x  Jennifer Radinovic,  Croatia 

 Note: Ms   Radinovic was a late substitute for Teslime Celik of Turkey. Wickenmeier, previously champion in the 53.5-kg division, controlled the fight, and Radinovic received several cautions for illegal tactics. Weickenmeier said "it was a difficult fight, particularly as my opponent was so tall".

May 19, 2001, Thailand

Thai SOI 4 beer bar

special challenge match.   (男女対決)

(male boxer vs female kickboxer)

5 rounds with Muay  Thai rules

o Takako Shimoseki (Japan)

ko 3rd round  (by knee)

x name unknown

Note: If anyone has further information about this fight, or knows the name of Ms Shimoseki's opponent, please e-mail us

On May 5, 2001 at Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

o  Angela Rivera of Las Vegas, USA,

majority decision

Trisha Hill of Atlanta, Georgia , USA 

 ISKA US Lightweight Muay Thai amateur title. 

note:Rivera dropped Hill in the final round to win a rematch of the IKF contest last December won by Hill. One judge had it even at 48.5 to 48.5 while the others had it 48.5 to 46.5 and 49 to 46.5 for Rivera.

On April 28, 2001 in Calgary, Canada:

   The women's bouts were all under Kickboxing rules (allowing low kicks).:

  0 Trish Kingsford Canada) 

five-round unanimous decision

 x Jennifer Hans - USA)


 by a  for the vacant WKA North American Super Featherweight Kickboxing Title.


  0 Amber Danielson  USA) 

 five-round unanimous decision

 x  Raylene Kellock 

for the vacant IKKC Women's North American Welterweight Kickboxing Title (low kicks).


Jennifer Cutbill Canada

five-round unanimous decision

          x Monica Michel ( New Mexico, USA)

 April 22, 20001  Holland,

o Illonka "Killer Queen"

Decision 2-0

x Tomomi "Windy" Kaze, Japan

On April 21, 2001 at Paris Bercy, France :

 o  Valérie Hénin of Nancy, France 

TKO rd 2

x  Jessica Lapointe  Spanaway, Washington, USA 


On April 21, 2001 at Palovobis Stadium in Milan, Italy:

Stefania Bianchini Italy,

KO 4  rd 

x  Renata Fuskova,   Czech Republic 

For  ISKA 50.5-kg KickBoxing World Title.

On April 17, 2001 at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona:

  o Monica Christina Michel of New Mexico,, USA

Decision 39-37, 39-37, 40-36

x  Christina Tapia,  Phoenix, USA  

 for the vacant IKF Amateur IR Southwest Women's Lightweight Title by a 39-37, 39-37 and 40-36 decision. 

On April 14, 2001 at San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, California:

 o  Jussy Lowe from Bolton, England, U.K.



x  Sachiyo Shibata , Japan 


IKKC World Flyweight title (Muay Thai rules, 3-minute rounds). 

On April 14, 2001 at San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, California

Vicky Roberts England, 

unanimous decision 

 x Kaori Koizumi of Japan, 

the IKKC featherweight intercontinental champion (Muay Thai rules, 2-minute rounds).


Women's kickboxing 55kg :  From Japan:





 Decision:  Majority  DRAW.  0-1(29-30、30-30、29-29) 

(We are trying to ascertain the full names of these fighters)

 2001, April 8th 

    o Simona Galassi (Italy) 

TKO   2R 1:30

 x Mari Kaneko (Japan)

   WPKC Bantamweight Title

On April 7, 2001 at the Town Hall in Leeds, U.K.:

  Trix March of Sheffield, U.K. won the vacant WAKO pro 67-kg world title with a five-round unanimous decision over Anita Groeneboom of Holland.


On March 31, 2001 at the Jai Alai Sports Center in Tijuana, Mexico:

  At the International Kickboxing Federation's Battle For The Best In Mexico, Denise Rodriguez TKO'd Laura Meija in the third round of an International Rules bout.
  Jacqueline Nava won a five-round unanimous decision over
Sunshine Fettkether of Arizona, who was making her professional kickboxing debut.

On March 18, 2001 at the the Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

  Ilonka Elmont of the Netherlands defeated Krisztina Horvai of Hungary by a unanimous decision in a Muay Thai bout.

Master Skens Show
18h March, Urmston, Manchester
Vicky Wolf- Sitnarong, Heywood defeated Amy Tomkinson- Beastmasters, Sale West

March 11, 2001

Sachiyo Shibata, gave up a considerable weight disadvantage and lost a close decision to her stable mate, Kaori Koizumi. Both of these ladies are title holders from Japan.   Judges scores:  39-40,  39-40,  40-40  2-0 decision. 

March 9, 2001  From Thailand:

52kg 2分5R

(Women's Muay Thai Match 52 kg)

March 9th, 2001


Noriko Tsunoda  of Japan, knocked out  Tonpohn So Uraipan of Thailand in the second round with a knee thrust..


Warriors Cup II
25th February, Burbank California

Lisa Morrison TKO'd Desiree Rodriguez - ref stoppage 1:07 of round 2 (punches, kicks


On February 20, 2001 at Alès, France:

  Christine de Ruggiero of France won the WKN 53-kg full contact world title over Sara Hall of Britain.

On February 3, 2001 at National Kickboxing and Muay Thai in Calgary, Canada:

 In the Main Event, WKA Canadian Lightweight Kickboxing Champion Trish Kingsford, trained in Calgary by Mike Miles, took on Edmonton's Tamara Price, trained by Steve Bergeron. Kingsford kept going forward throughout the fight but Price was in good shape and recovered well from the shots that she took. Kingsford knocked Price down with a hard left in the fourth, Price came back to battle it out until the end. Kingsford retained her title by an unanimous decision over five rounds.
  In the semi-Main Event, Anna Mravcak from the Spirit of the Dragon club in Regina, Saskatchewan and Sandra Bastian from Calgary's Black Dragon battled for five rounds for the vacant WKA Western Canadian Women's Lightweight Kickboxing Title. Both girls fought conservatively and Bastian won the title by a split decision.

Canadian  results continued: 
Shelley Evans from the home National club lost to Amanda Faulks of Pemberton, British Columbia in a toe to toe war over three rounds. Evans got the better of it in the first round, but ran out of gas later in the fight and was unable to keep up with Faulks's offense in the second and third. Faulks won the bout by unanimous decision.

Canada continued: 
Jennifer Cutbill of National won a tough three-rounder against Hillary Ibbott from Regina's Spirit of the Dragon. The smaller Cutbill held off a strong start by Ibbott in the first round, and stepped up her own offense in the second and third to take the bout by unanimous decision.

Canada continued:  
  Dallas Johnson of National (Canada) had a significant height and weight advantage over Lee Anne Liesemer of Calgary's Lightning Fist, (Also of Canada) but Liesemer had more competitive experience. This was an exciting bout that Johnson won by unanimous decision.

Canada continued: 
  Kristen Fraser from Cheney's in Red Deer faced Jennifer Herman pf Calgary (Victory) in both girls' competitive debut. The first round was an excellent display of skills from both gals. Fraser won by a second round TKO when she got the upper hand with punches and Herman could take no more.

On January 18, 2001 at the Rockin' Rodeo in Tempe, Arizona, USA 

  IKF National Amateur Muay Thai Champion Sunshine Fettkether (5'8", 140 lbs) from Mesa, Arizona knocked out Jessica LaPointe (5'5", 135 lbs) from Seattle, Washington in the fourth round of a scheduled 5-round Main Event under Muay Thai rules. Fettkether advanced her record to 8-3-1 in amateur action, LaPointe fell to 6-4.

2001, 1, 8 



(w)Takako Shimoseki ( Japan )

TKO 2rd  by Knee thrust)

× SANG VAL  ( Thailand)

  More results for 2001:

Valerie Henin won v Jessica Lapointe USA. Tko round 2. Kickboxing . 21st April 2001. Le Palais omni sports, Paris Bercy.

Mary Hart (won) v Evelinda de Groot Holland. points. WPKL World 55kg Thai Boxing title. 2nd June 2001. Rotterdam, Holland.

Gina Stone Plymouth (draw) v Marie Leonard UKMTA Bolton. WKA British Thai Boxing title . Around 70kg. 3rd June 2001 .Guildhall , Plymouth, England.

Melanie Smith (won) v Roxanne Deane. Tko. 3rd June 2001 .Guildhall , Plymouth, England.


Please e-mail all results and they will be posted here. Thanks!!

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