Angela Rivera-Parr

Hometown:  Hesperia, California ,USA  

DOB: 5-27-79

 Height: 5’7”             

Weight: 125-135 pounds (57-60kg)

 Record: 26 wins, 5 losses, 2 draws



Angela Rivera-Parr is a world champion Muay Thai fighter.  In March 2001 she defeated fighters from
 Morocco, Switzerland, and Russia en route to her gold medal victory at the IAMTF World
 Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.  This remarkable achievement led to the proclamation
of Angela Rivera Day on April 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In addition to the gold, Angela also
 received the award for best technique out of all the women fighters entered.  She is also an 8-time
national champion with titles from the IKKC, ISKA, IKF and UWMTA.  Inside Kung-Fu, one of
the leading martial arts magazines, voted her Competitor of the Year.

Angela doesn’t fear a challenge from anyone.  She is ready to get in the ring with any fighter who
 wants to step in and face her.  She is always up for full Muay Thai rules with knees and elbows,
but will even add throws if necessary.

For Questions, Comments, or Potential Fights please contact 

  Trainer/Gym: John" Wayne Parr
Boonchu gym.




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