Debbie Saxton


Up and coming Manawatu Kick boxer 

from New Zealand


Age:  17yrs old,

height:  5ft 2in

weight:  57 kg, 

record: 3 wins,  4 losses

Name of  Fighters Saxton wants to fight : 

Catherine Maciver

Ngapera perata, 

Julie Wood, 

or, anyone they put in front of her!

Who was her toughest opponent? Saxton says, "My Toughest fight to date would be Heather Smythe PN this yr 01"

 Interesting  article on Saxton, reprinted below:

Debbie ‘destroyer’ Saxton started training with Khao-jai Thai boxing club at 14 yrs of age. She only trained for 2 months before stopping to concentrate on her running. Vowing, however, that she would be back to take her place in the ring and show everyone that she has what it takes to be one of New Zealand’s top female fighters.

Debbie’s running accomplishments included Manawatu Cross Country Champ, Secondary School Champ and Fielding harriers no 1 competitor in her age group.

Always looking for a challenge Debbie returned to Thai Boxing and began training at The Palmy Gym/ Manawatu Martial Arts Centre on Bourke Street. The Palmy Gym had a full weights set up where Debbie was trained by a personal trainer and in the Martial Arts Centre Debbie trained on the pads in the ring and sparred with fellow artists.

Debbie trained continuously for a whole year before competing in her first novice fight at 17 yrs. Taking her first fight in her stride she moved onto her second novice fight held at Kapati’s field day. Novice fights are a safe and controlled way to introduce a fighter to the world of fighting and are run by the Thai Boxing Association of New Zealand.

Debbie’s first amateur fight was held in Porirua against another Palmerston North local, Leanne Crouch. Three easy rounds and a win by split decision was Debbie’s introduction to the strenuous world of Thai Boxing.

Her second fight was in nelson against one of Christchurch’s top female fighters. Another easy victory as Deb destroyed her composure and took the win unanimously. Debbie’s third fight was also fought in nelson against an upcoming Wellington fighter, Debbie really started to show some class in this fight demonstrating to a crowd of 1000 that’s if you want to win a fight don’t pit yourself against Debbie the destroyer Saxton.

Debbie then moved to Christchurch following a career in Sport Science at the New Zealand Institute of Sport. Where she is currently studying coaching, sport management, personal training, nutrition, event management, sports administration and exercise physiology. It is here that Debbie took it on herself to step up her training by taking the initiative to include a lot of self-taught training secessions.

Debbie’s next fight was a step up into the big league taking on New Zealand’s No.1 ranked super flyweight from Wellington, Ngapera Parata, a well known name in the Thai Boxing circles. Having trained for 6 yrs in Thai Boxing and other martial arts, Ngapera also works at the local fitness centre as an instructor and would be a hard match to fight. The fight was scheduled for five two-minute rounds for the NZ WKA super flyweight title. This was Debbie’s 4th fight and Ngapera’s 11th which meant that Deb would have her work cut out for her. The fight was a hard five rounds with Debbie fighting well and taking it to her, however, Ngapera’s experience showed through. The fight was a hard fought win for Ngapera, and a good lesson for Debbie in the skill of ring craft. So it was back to the drawing board and time to get prepared for another title to be held in Palmerston North in 6 weeks. Now 18 years old and with the NZ WKA super featherweight up for grabs Debbie headed north to Danniverke for a 2 week training camp at Ben Ahipene’s Dojo. The training was long and hard and the effort Deb put in was evident in her fight. The title fight was held at a show at the Palmerston North Boys High School hall on May the 28th. The fight was hard with both girls giving it all they had. Blood was spilt from both fighters throughout the fight and those watching were hard pressed to pick the winner it was that close. Debbie came back strong in every round showering Heather with hard hitting punches and showing her that she wasn’t afraid to mix it up. The fight went the full distance and in the end the decision was left to the judges, a hard tough decision saw the title go to Heather Smythe from Masterton.

Debbie is now taking a short break from fighting to work on her form and ring techniques with the determination that will see her winning a title of her own before the year is out

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