Sunshine Fettkether          








HEIGHT- 5'8"   WEIGHT- 140-145 pounds (67 KG)

RECORD- 8-3-1

GYM- Back Alley Muay Thai Camp, Chandler, Arizona

TRAINERS- Bob Karmel, Raul Monreal, Mr.Chino

    Sunshine began her martial arts training over 11 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland.  Shortly after earning her black belt in Tae Kwon Do she moved to Arizona and began training in Shotokan.  Other arts she has trained in include Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kempo, and boxing.  Eventually Sunshine found a Muay Thai gym and has been training and fighting both Muay Thai and western boxing ever since.
      She is also the current IKF National Women's Welterweight Muay Thai Champion and the UAKF National Women's Welterweight Champion.
    Sunshine currently trains twice daily at Back Alley Camp for upcoming fights in both Muay Thai..  Next on the schedule is a Muay Thai bout in mid April at BUSHIDO, a Frank Shamrock production featuring both NHB and MuayThai fights.

     She also made big headlines by knocking out  Randy Pittman, a self styled "bar room brawler" in the first round of a kickboxing match in Phoenix Arizona. Sunshine accomplished this after being up for 48 hours before the fight without sleep-due to all the distractions from the enormous press coverage. See Picture on  the male/female fights page, along with  other fights..

Sunshine may be contacted for fights at: Hrdama@cs.com  


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                         Sunshine Kicks Larissa Berensenko

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