Erin Toughill

                                                      Ht: 5'10                                                            
Wt: 165 lbs.  (75 kg)
Style:MMA/ No Rules or NHB fighter
I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and kickboxing
Record: MMA/NHB  3-1-1
Boxing: 2-1-1
  Non sanctioned    boxing 2-0 
( fought several times under sport Jiu
Jitsu rules as well )

Erin (left) lands a punch on Russian Olympic Judo Champion, Rojina Ilina.
Erin is one of only two fighters to have ever beaten Rojina Ilina


Erin began with kickboxing, and then got into Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and wrestling. Erin found that Jiu jitsu was not aggressive enough with her particular style, and she then got involved in MMA (mixed Martial Arts). Erin is 4-1 in MMA, and has fought opponents ranging from 130 to 63" 330 lbs---which is basically a no-holds-bar style of fighting. 

 Erin said, "I really  hope that mixed martial arts, or MMA, can catch up with boxing. The majority of the competition is from Japan, Holland, and Russia. I still plan to actively compete in both as well." Erin is currently ranked #5 in the world in MMA, and she is hoping to have an opportunity to fight for #1. Erin said, "Hopefully I can influence women to take interest in MMA as it is a great sport that takes a lot of skills from many different styles."

Titles and NHB ranking:
Ranked top ten in the world.
Erin is also the Re-mix Golden Gate Japan Champion,
and the W-Fusion 2001 Japan Champion.  (Tough Enough!!)

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