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Last updated: March 17 2002

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On February 9th, 2002 in Calgary, Canada,
there was  a historic first ever all women's event put on by Promoter, Mike Miles.

The co-main events of the evening featured two athletes from Canada against athletes from the Philippines in International  Muay Thai bouts.

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Fighters looking for fights.   



      WKA World Muay Thai Champion, Naoko Kumagai is seeking a fight in Europe next month. 
She prefers Muay Thai, but will accept oriental rules or possibly  boxing also. The fight would be at 115 pounds
or 52 KG  approximately. 
 If interested, contact us to forward your offer. 

ISKA World Muay Thai Champ, Laura Skinner is also seeking opponents in Europe or the USA. Laura prefers Muay Thai. She fights at about 51-53 kg, or 112-116 pounds. See her profile for contact.


    Opponent needed!!  Opportunity!!    

I'm looking for a female fighter to fight against Dina Pedro ( 67 kg)
  we will accept an opponent up to 70 kg. ( under Muay Thai rul
knees to the head,(elbows to the head with pads-optional),
Date:  5th of May 2002(sunday) in the city of Lisbon, Portugal

I offer:
flight tickets 2 persons -coach and fighter
food and accomodation
500 euro purse
no title in dispute ,only a prestige fight
if anyone is interested please contact me

See fight reports for all the results, and detailed fight reports


Ilonka Elmont (IKBO, WMC world champion)

 decisioned  Lisa Houghton-Smith (ISKA,

 WAKO-pro world champion) to take the womens 

WPKL 51 kilos world title.

At an amateur Muay Thai event at the LA Boxing Club last night (Saturday
2nd of March), there were 3 women's matches.

Alice Vaimaona, 165 lbs (Body Shots) TKO 2 over Dana Sears, 166 lbs
(Black Tiger)

Michelle Percival, 139 (Punchout) majority draw Latonya Long, 140
(Extreme Power Kickboxing)

Colleen Noviello, 125 lbs (Black Tiger) dec. over Cheryl Aucone, 126 lbs
(Piston Gym)

Thanks to Craig Ogawa for this  report !!

For More results

                            UPCOMING EVENTS

March 9th. San Jose Civic

Stephanie Moon Vs Rea Anthony 

The fight is put on by Strikeforce and the
promoter is Scott Coker

Just in...Stephanie Moon defeated Rea Anthony by Unanimous Decision.

Next up for Ms Moon: Marlow
Mccray next weekend in LA. (March 23rd)


March 17th, Rotterdam, Holland, for the WPKL World Title:

Lisa Houghton-Smith vs. Ilonka "Killer Queen" Elmont
                                      LisavIllonka.jpg (20393 bytes)

                     March 23, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,
                                       Women's Muay Thai!

                                     USA vs. China: 

riveranice.jpg (7651 bytes)


March 24th, in Melbourne, Australia,

      Laura Skinner
     (ISKA World featherweight Champion)


Julie Woods 
         (New Zealand Champion)

April 6th, 2002:

Mike Miles Presents, from Canada:

the 2002 VALHALLA CHALLENGE. The event is taking place at National Kickboxing’s Northwest Gym (#25, 7750 Ranchview Drive NW) on Saturday April 6th, 2002. Weigh in and registration starts at 9:00 AM and the competition starts immediately at 10:30 AM.

     There are divisions for  women Cost is: Pre-registration $30 / At the tournament $35 / Each Additional Event $5

          there are 2 styles of competition:
1) Kickboxing Rules (allowing punches to the body and the head, allowing kicks to the legs, body and head. No spinning back fists and no kicks to any joints or the back).
2) Muay Thai Rules (same strikes allowed as Kickboxing but athletes can also clinch and knee to the legs and body. Athletes can also catch the opponents kicks. No plowing allowed).
     Elimination matches will be 1 round of 1 minute. Finals rounds will be 1 round of 2 minutes.
     Athletes must supply their own: mouthguards, shin guards (with instep protection), head gear, groin protection, breast protection,  12 oz. Gloves for women, 
     Weight divisions:  
Women Lightweight - Under 125 lbs. / Middleweight - 125 to 149 lbs. / Heavyweight - 150 lbs. and over

Saturday April 27th, Mike Miles Productions presents:
'CLASH OF THE TITANS' International Championship Muay Thai and Kickboxing
card. The event features athletes from Canada against athletes from Japan,
Mexico and the USA.

5 Rounds of 2 Minutes of Full Muay Thai - ATOMWEIGHT

       linley2.jpg (17334 bytes)                    Asako_Kamio.jpg (12216 bytes)
            Erin Linley                            Asako Kamio


5 Rounds of 2 Minutes of Full Muay Thai -    SUPERBANTAMWEIGHT


April 19th, Marriott Hotel, Norwalk, California:

Women's Muay Thai kickboxing:

Katie Yang vs Claudia Vidaurri

Adi Hadiny vs Mia Madison

For further info call: 1-323-962-5230



Legislator in Nebraska stops nhb  and MMA fights!

That's right folks. Some obviously bored legislator in Nebraska has introduced a bill in the Nebraska legislature to outlaw NHB/MMA fighting. 

And what's more  outrageous, several participants of a recent event in Lincoln were fined 150 dollars each for "third degree assault". 

Third degree assault??? One can only wonder just Who is the victim of this "assault"?

According to State Senator Paul Hartnett, the author of this nonsense, "someone is going to get killed or maimed". 

Perhaps,  someone should ask this Sen. Hartnett how many people have been killed n Nhb or MMA as compared with pro boxing? 

The facts: Fighters wear 4-ounce gloves and usually fight barefooted. They simply mix in a number of martial arts - jujitsu when down, karate and kick-boxing when standing, and other martial arts throughout the fights.

So what are  Hartnett's real motives?
Interestingly enough, Sen. Hartnett is a former boxer. Do you think maybe he is really protecting some boxing promoters who don't want competition from another sport?  In any event, let's hope  the people of Nebraska won't let him get away this invasion of personal freedom.

Actually, there is hope. Attempts to ban Nhb and MMA tournaments was defeated in the State of Georgia, when they introduced a similar bill. 

 These fine organizations led the fight in Georgia to defeat this unwise  legislation: 

IKF Kickboxing writes:  Maybe the ISCF can help Nebraska as it helped Georgia.
Check out what was done in Georgia to stop these 
unwise attempts to ban NHB and MMA fighting. Go to the following URL: 

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