Great ko's by the world's toughest women kickboxers 
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Naoko Kumagai vs. Regina Halmich
Halmich  in gold shorts, came into this
historic bout with an impressive record
 of 20 wins against only two losses. She was the
National German kickboxing
champion, and also a  professional boxer with a
record of 4 wins against 0 losses. Kumagai came in to
the  fight with a professional record of 17 wins, five  losses.

Approximately one  minute into the fight, Kumagai landed a roundhouse kick to the midsection,
followed up with a punch to the liver...followed by yet another superfluous roundhouse kick,

knocking out  the German champion one minute and 8 seconds into the first round.
Ms Halmich never kickboxed again, but turned to pro boxing Instead. In pro boxing she won the WIBF
World Jr flyweight championship. Regina  has received considerable criticism because  her opposition has been
confined for the most part, to either unskilled or inexperienced opponents. 

Kumagai went on to win WKA
and UKF Muay Thai kickboxing world titles in three different weight classes, building an impressive  record of
32 wins against 4 losses, with 27 ko's. 

W 熊谷直子(Kumagai Naoko) 1R KO Regina Halmich 


KO of German Boxing and kickboxing Champion, Regina Halmich  (gold shorts)

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Photos by home video capture

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last updated: February 3rd, 2002