Interview of Trix March.

 by Aileen Callaghan

home: Sheffield, England

record: 9  fights,  8 wins  1 loss                     


weight: 67 kg                                                             

 first fight @ 58kg

 next fight @ 67kg

walk around @73kg

Trix is trained and managed by her husband, .Mick Mullaney

                                                                       Trix (in red) stares down Anita Groenboom

When is your next fight? " My  next fight: wako pro world title vs. Anita Groenboon, Holland sat 7th April, 2001.  This will probably be my last fight. the training for competition has been really hard this time. I'm fed up with making weight and not having a life for 3 months."

 Aileen:  How did you become interested in Muay Thai?

Trix: "I was introduced to Muay Thai by my husband. When we first met, he was an instructor. I never thought I would take to it as I always thought of  Thai Boxing as being quite brutal. it's funny because my great grandmother was a publican (nickname trixie) and her father taught her to box and she used to tell me stories of fisticuffs with difficult customers, she was a very strong old lady, I know she would have been so proud of me fighting.

I was always sporty at school playing netball for the school and county. I wanted to be a PE teacher when I grew up. I continued to play netball as an adult and was always a member of a gym somewhere.

When I first started Muay Thai I loved the workout it gave me. after a couple of years and seeing other women fight I decided that I wanted to compete. from there it began.

There wasn't many women involved and I had to always train with men. I think this made me a better Thai boxer, stronger and tougher but the down side is you never feel like the top dog, which I think is important to instill confidence in one's own abilities."


Aileen: "Who was your toughest opponent?"

Trix: "Toughest opponent?"  Fiona Stirton from Scotland. I fought her for  my commonwealth title. she was a good strong fighter and very tough."

Aileen: "What was your most satisfying achievement as a fighter?

Trix: "My most satisfying moment when I beat Fosterer Joseph from Brixton London after a two year layoff for my 2nd British title. She had been the subject of a TV documentary, a hard hitting women... I was really scared by her looks and tough reputation."

Aileen: "Any regrets?  

Trix: " "I'm sad that I won't be able to fight Karen Ousey, as she was my only loss. That came after losing too much weight and dehydrating myself for days before.  I had to retire at the end of the 3rd round. in hind sight I should never have fought, as I was ill for many weeks afterward. I'd could never get down to 62kg now. it wouldn't bother me but in my heart I know that I can beat her."


Aileen: Who are some of the fighters you really admire?

Trix:  "I admire anyone who gets into the ring, it takes real courage. I think women like Lisa Howarth and Ann Quinlan who were amongst the first female Thai fighters in this country deserve recognition. I'm also a fan of Lucia Rijker, who is  probably the best female fighter to date."

Aileen: What do you think would help the sport to grow?"

Trix: "women's muay Thai is growing fast as a sport. I think muay Thai needs media coverage and sponsorship to allow the world to see this most spectacular spectator sport. however I'm not in favor of professional sports as I think sport should be a passion."

Aileen: "What do you think of a separate sanctions body for the women. Seeing  how the current bodies really don't keep up with the women's fight game?"


Trix: "I have mixed views about a female only sanctioning body. in one respect its good that female fighters could have their own ranking and titles. however I think that it detracts from the real problem that the governing bodies (mainly run by men) are not taking their female fighters seriously. they should realize that in order for the sport of muay Thai to grow they should embrace women, men and juniors alike to show the world it truly is a sport for all."

Aileen: What are your future plans?"


Trix: " as well as running the gym (wicker camp) with my husband I am studying to be a PE teacher at a university. I teach in the gym and am  responsible for our junior syllabus and junior fighters. I also teach private tuition mainly at weekends."


Aileen: "What does your family think about you being a Muay Thai fighter?"

Trix: "my friends and family think I'm mad being involved in such a sport but they do support me when I fight. I know my dad gets worried as he was there when I had to pull out of the Karen Ousey fight. he's not seen me fight since, but he's agreed to watch my world title fight which is very important to me."

Aileen: "Any closing thoughts?"


Trix: "I think if Muay Thai is taught safely and responsibly the sport will grow as its a great way to keep fit, learn self defense and give people confidence. there are many organizations out there all proclaiming to be the best. the main problem is that people will not work together, there is too much ego around. until we have a situation where the governing bodies are run by totally independent people and as a business for the benefit of all there will always be conflict.

I hope this is enough, I could go on for hours about all the politics I've endured over the years but its very boring although very interesting."


Many Thanks to Aileen Callaghan for this interview with Trix March. (Who did all the talking-sign of a good interviewer)

epilogue: Trix Defeated Anita Groenboon to take the Wako Title, April 7th, 2001

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