Laura Skinner

ISKA Muay Thai World Champion from Australia

                                                                                         Record: 17 wins  (11 kos) 5 losses   1draw                                                                                               
          Favorite  style: Muay Thai


Wt:  51kg-53kg  ( 112 to 116 pounds)

Home:  Melbourne Australia.

Laura is recognized as one of the World's most
 feared Muay Muay Thai fighters, KO'ing
more than 50% of her opponents.
Moreover, her opponent list is a virtual 
"who's who", in Muay Thai  and Kickboxing.
Her famous battle with the undefeated  Japanese
Muay Thai Champion,
Aya Mitsui, is generally 
regarded as one of the best Women's Muay Thaimatches ever. That famous bout ended in a fiercely contest draw.

Laura  will fight anyone at 50kg-53kg anywhere. 
She says " I  would really like to fight Lisa Houghton Smith
 Muay Thai  rules in the UK;  and Ilonka Elmont in Holland."

Laura is always up for a good fight. Those interested in challenging for her title,

for Laura's career record, go here:



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